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My first child was born with an OB-GYN. While the doctor was very nice, she was also very set in her ways. She had my water broken just to speed up my labor for her own convenience, not for any medical reason. As a result, I ended up using IV drugs that made my newborn daughter sluggish for two daughters and faded before transition making me unable to effectively deal with contractions. I was forced to push in an uncomfortable position with the doctor and nurses yelling multiple instructions at me all at the same time. I was so weak that I looked like death. I needed several stitches that left me almost immobile for a week afterwards. We moved before my second child was born. I found a great office with multiple doctors. When I went for my first prenatal check-up my OB-GYN suggested that I might want to use their two midwives for my delivery. This time my labor was a completely different experience. The midwife on call stayed with me the whole time I was in labor in the hospital. She knew where to rub to ease contraction pains and offered suggestions to deal without the use of drugs. When I had a mild panic attack, she soothed me through it and didnít rush me just to get the baby out quickly for her convenience. It was the difference between night and day looking at the photos after my first child and then my second child were born. In my first photo with daughter #2, I look alert and happy instead of ill and pale. I even took the photos in to show my midwife to let her know how much I appreciated the difference. Less than 24 hours after my second daughter was born, I was up and walking around and bending over my over-night bag to get things. When a priest came to visit me that day, he commented that I didnít even look like I had just had a baby. Since then the practice has added a third midwife. Iíve had two more babies, and each midwife has ďcaughtĒ a baby for me. I moved further away from the office and its affiliate hospital, but I wonít switch to another place closer to home because I love my midwives too much. They always greet me with a hug and smile, even when Iím in the office for other reasons. They treat me with respect and dignity and humor (unlike some of the doctors). And I look forward to seeing which one gets to catch baby #5 in August.

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