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Our Amazing Midwife

Our midwife is the most kind, caring, compassionate midwife you will ever meet. My husband and I loved her from the first meeting we had with her because she respected all of our wishes for our birth, and we knew we would not have to fight to get the birth we wanted. During each of our prenatal appointments, we could tell that she truly cared about us and our unborn baby, and she gave us all the information we needed to have a healthy pregnancy. She supported us physically and emotionally throughout the pregnancy, and she even cared enough to e-mail us material to read about parenting when she could tell that we were struggling with which parenting style to use with our little one. She was very respectful of my physical boundaries and did not even lift up my shirt to feel the baby without asking my permission. She really became a part of our family during pregnancy, and we knew that we could call her at any time with any questions that we had. During the birth she honored our requests and was completely hands-off except when she had to check the baby’s heart rate, and she helped us with position changes and comfort measures and coached my husband on how to catch our baby and put her on my tummy. When an emergency arose after the birth, she acted quickly and did what she needed to do to save my life. The postpartum visits focused on how I was feeling physically and emotionally after the birth, and I really felt comfortable talking about some very personal feelings with her. She was very gentle in handling our baby girl, and she made a special visit to our house to help me with breastfeeding. We will always be grateful to her for giving us the birth that we wanted, and she will forever have a place in our hearts.

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