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My Wonderful Midwives

I am so impressed and fortunate to have worked with my wonderful midwives. I was not pleased with the medical care I had received prior to meeting my midwives and I cannot be happier with the loving attention I received throughout my entire pregnancy. I feel the services they provided are above and beyond mine or any woman’s expectation. Their expertise and knowledge are superb and they always made me feel comfortable by explaining what I could expect in the coming months, weeks, or hours. I always looked forward to my hour-long, personalized appointments and they took the time to make me feel empowered, whether it was answering all of my questions or describing my options in a way that made sense. However, I was most impressed with the care provided during my labor. While I was delivering my daughter, my midwife stood by my side for the entire labor (about 18 hours!) Not only was she monitoring my child and my health, she was there as my coach and support. I most appreciated the little touches she provided, such as the calm and relaxing ambiance of candles and music to the kind words of encouragement and support in the middle of the night. She even coached my husband and made sure everyone in the room was comfortable. She made us feel as though there was nothing more important that assisting our family. After my labor, all I heard from my husband and mother was how much of an important role she was in the room. She calmed everyone’s nerves and eased our concerns. Even as I prepared for my unplanned cesarean, my midwife was there to explain everything that would happen and what to expect. In addition, I was extremely pleased to learn that I was still able to have skin-to-skin contact in the operating room after my cesarean delivery, which I felt was vital in bonding with my daughter. Even after the birth, both of my midwives came to check in on us, teaching us how to care for our daughter and adapt to life with her. As we were departing the hospital, my midwife came in one last time to hug our daughter; what more could you ask for?

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