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New Active - Life Memberships

We had you in mind!

Senior midwives have often expressed the desire to affordably remain active in ACNM and continue contributing to the future of midwifery. We definitely heard you, and have designed a national membership rate that you can pay once and never have to worry about national dues again!

Life Member dues rates going up 3/1/2017!

With Life Member dues rates going up, now is the time to lock in your 2016 rate!

Frontier University Financially Encourages Their Midwifery Faculty to Become Life Members!

Frontier University has stepped up in a very big way. They have informed their midwifery faculty that if they purchase a life membership now during the promotion, they can submit to be reimbursed for their annual dues allowance for up to 10 years! Everyone’s circumstances are different, but this is an outstanding idea that other employers may agree to as well!

New! Active-Life (65+)

ACNM is honoring midwives 65 and older with a brand new Active-Life membership category! You've given so much of yourself and your career to midwifery. We value your wisdom and expertise and want to express our gratitude and help you stay actively engaged for life with full voting privileges at an affordable rate!

We’ve cut the current Active-Life rate in half as our thanks to you! If you act now, you’ll pay just $2,625, in quarterly installments if you prefer.

You need to hurry becuause this introductory offer ends on February 28, 2017! On March 1st, the price will increase to $2,738. Take advantage of this new Active-Life membership now at its introductory rate, keep all the benefits of full, active membership, and let your voice be heard - for life!


New! Active-Life (55-64) - Limited Time Only!

This limited-time membership category will no longer exist after February 28, 2017! This is a one-time only membership category for midwives who are age 55 - 64. We're honoring your many contributions to midwifery and giving you the opportunity to become a Life Member of ACNM right now, and at this more affordable rate of $3,940 - a savings of $1,310! On March 1st, this rate reverts to the Active-Life rate of $5,475. If you would prefer, you could pay for your membership in quarterly installments. Your benefits will remain the same and you will be a lifetime voting member and voice in the college. Take advantage of this offer now before it goes away!

How do I sign up?

You just need to download and complete the Life Member Application, then send back to us by email, fax or mail.

There are 2 options for paying your Life Member dues:

1. All at once  If you will be paying the full amount today, you can simply download and print the application by clicking here and then emailing, mailing or faxing it to us.

2. Quarterly  You could also pay for your Life Membership over a year by clicking here to download the application to send in. Please note that this option requires that you use a credit card and make an initial installment payment of $325. This includes a $25 administrative fee and a $300 initial payment that will be deducted from the full amount. Your balance will then be automatically charged in quarterly installments in March, June, September and December of 2017. Don't forget to include your affiliate dues.

Here's what your national dues payments would be. Your quarterly affiliate payments would be added to it:

Why purchase a Life Membership?

As a senior midwife who may be approaching retirement (or is retired), you possess an invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise that other midwives would love to learn from. As you enter retirement, you will likely be adding precious time as well. While many have said that there is so much more to do in retirement, they love that they now have more choice in how to remain busy. So, here are a few thoughts on how you may choose to spend your valuable time staying involved with ACNM (and we would be the better for it!):

Mentor - share what you've learned!

We are developing a mentor program that will collect information from those who want to mentor and match them to those who need a mentor. As a life member of ACNM, you will be an invaluable resource to midwives – especially students and new midwives around the country!

Volunteering and Leadership

There are many state and national opportunities for volunteering and leadership positions with ACNM. You can lend your expertise to several open national positions listed on our “Volunteer Opportunities” page. You could also let your affiliate know that you are interested in opportunities at the local level, like helping out with state advocacy issues.

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