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Tips for Speaking with Legislators and Their Staff

Preparing for Your Call

  •  Review the sample call script.
  • As a midwife, consider how you make your community a better place for women and their families.
  • Incorporate your story into the call script.
  • Be prepared to leave a voice mail if no one is available to speak when you call. 


During the Call 

  • Be yourself and keep the call short and focused. You will likely only have a few minutes to speak with your legislator or their staff person, so make the most of that brief time by sticking to your topic.
  • Introduce yourself. Start the meeting by introducing yourself and thanking the legislator or aide for their efforts on behalf of your state. Bring up any personal, professional, or political connections to the elected official that you may have.
  • Share your story. Use the call script you prepared as a guide to tell how you make your and your legislator’s community a better place for women and their families.
  • Say “I don’t know.” If asked a question that you are unsure of the answer to, saying "I don't know" can be a smart move. If you don't know the answer to a question, it is fine to tell your legislator that you will get that information for him or her. This gives you the chance to put your strongest arguments into their files, and allows you to contact them again about the issue. Never make up an answer to a question—giving wrong or inaccurate information can damage credibility.
  • Ask for contact information. Be sure to ask for an e-mail address so that you can send follow-up materials.

After the Call

  • Use the sample follow-up e-mail to emphasize that midwives are high quality, cost effective solutions to the health care workforce shortage.
  • If your legislator or their staff requests any materials, be sure to follow up in a timely fashion with that information.
  • If you need assistance following up, contact ACNM Federal Lobbyist Patrick Cooney at [email protected]


ACNM's Legislative Tracking Tool

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