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Ginger Breedlove Audio Interview

Total Interview Length: 30 minutes

Click this link to hear our audio interview with Ginger

Skip ahead to these points to hear answers to specific questions:

1. Please tell me about your background: where you went to school, what led you to midwifery, what leadership positions have you held, etc.: Beginning of interview

2. What are some of your other interests and hobbies? 4:45

3. Why do you want to be President of the American College of Nurse-Midwives? 5:15

4. How would you describe your leadership style? 9:00

5. What do you see as ACNM’s greatest current challenge? How would you address or remedy this challenge? 10:36

6. What is your future vision for ACNM? What specific actions would you take to move ACNM forward? 13:27

7. How do you think ACNM can best advance the midwifery “brand” in the United States? 14:23

8. ACNM in recent years has put a lot of energy into partnering and working in coalition with other organizations. What are your perspectives on partnerships as a strategy for ACNM? 17:35

9. This summer, the International Confederation of Midwives adopted new global standards for the education and regulation of midwives (see here How do you see the ICM Global Standards affecting midwifery in the United States and ACNM specifically? 18:52

10. Last October, a variety of stakeholders including consumers, obstetricians, midwives, pediatricians, insurance companies, legislators, and others met to discuss home birth at the Home Birth Consensus Summit. They came up with nine “common ground statements” (see here What are your thoughts on these statements? What ideas do you have about translating these concepts to reality? 22:35

Closing comments: 26:14

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