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The Midwife as Surgical First Assistant
Midwife as Surgical First Assistant is an expanded practice area for the CNM and CM. The midwife who serves as first assistant in surgery, functions as a perinatal and birth professional in the perioperative setting. The workshop’s focus is on applying current evidence so midwives can participate and provide continuity of care for clients during a cesarean section. In this course, you will learn core knowledge and skills needed to perform as the surgical first assistant for cesarean, at a novice level. This course is designed specifically for midwives and addresses promotion of vaginal birth, shared decision-making and informed consent, and functioning as an active member of the perioperative team. Attendees learn how to perform immediate pre-op preparation of the client for surgery, and during surgery provide optimal surgical exposure, participate in tissue dissection, ensure hemostasis, perform or facilitate wound closure, and perform other intraoperative functions to assist the surgeon in carrying out a safe operation that optimizes outcomes.

Following the workshop, each participant is responsible to set up mentored experience at their clinical setting to gain competency in the skills needed to function efficiently, effectively, and with greater confidence as a member of the perioperative maternity care team. 

Pricing:  Members $699.00  |  Non-Member  $899.00 |  Student  $399.00 |  Student Non-Member $599.00

December 6, 2021
     10:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST (Virtual)          






Midwife as Surgical First Assistant Objectives

Midwives are encouraged to consider training to become a surgical first assistant as an expansion to their clinical practice. The Midwife Surgical First Assistant book is the initial step to gaining a foundation in assisting. The subsequent optional examination assesses the knowledge you have gained from studying the book and provides with a certificate of completion. Earning the First Assistant Certificate of Completion is the next step to applying this new expanded skill to your midwifery practice.


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