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North Central Bronx Hospital of Midwifery Service
Director: Charlotte Elsberry


In October 2002, the North Central Bronx Hospital Midwifery Service will be celebrated their 25th Anniversary.

In October 1977 Nurse-midwifery came to North Central Bronx Hospital and healthcare for the women's and families. A dream for a private practice model care within the City Hospital system was realized when the midwifery services began. This model provided for continuity of women-centered care by a Nurse-Midwife/Obstetrician team. The midwife is the women's primary care provider throughout her reproductive years into the menopause final.

Very early in the development of the service, the midwives at North Central Bronx Hospital were educating nurse midwifery and more recently midwifery students. The midwifery service has had formal contracts with many programs including the Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Yale Univ., Columbia Univ and SUNY Downstate Program.

In 1991 the N. Central Bronx Hospital/Midwifery Division developed and began a pre-certification Nurse-midwifery program for foreign trained midwives in association with the Columbia Univ. School of Nursing. This program received full accreditations from the ACNM.

At present, the midwifery division is partnering with the SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Health Related Professions - Midwifery Program to provided clinical education for the direct entry program. This program offers an accredited 2 year Master of Science degree in midwifery. Women who were born here are coming to have their babies with their midwives - a wonderful testament to our Heart of Midwifery.