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ACNM Awards

Past Winners

There are many more scholarships, awards, and opportunities available. For these please watch for information from the A.C.N.M. Foundation, and consult the ACNM calendar.


Premier Awards

The following honors are given by ACNM each year.  The submissions deadline for the 2015 nominations is February 22, 2015. To submit a nomination for one of these awards please click here.  NOTE:  If you get a notice stating that a nomination has already been entered, please email your document, name of award and nominees name to [email protected].

Hattie Hemschemeyer Award 
The Hattie Hemschemeyer Award honors an exceptional CNM/CM who is an ACNM member, has been certified for at least ten years, and has provided either continuous outstanding contributions or distinguished service to midwifery and/or MCH, or contributions of historical significance to the development and advancement of midwifery, ACNM, or MCH.

Kitty Ernst Award 
The Kitty Ernst Award honors an exceptional, relatively new CNM/CM who is an ACNM member, has been certified for less than ten years, and has demonstrated innovative, creative endeavors in midwifery and/or women's health clinical practice, education, administration, or research.

Additional Awards

The awards listed below are not necessarily given yearly and there may be more than one recipient in a given year. Nominations must come from an ACNM member or staff. Nominees may be a CNM/CM, ACNM staff or a consumer and do not necessarily need to be a member. If the choice is a CNM/CM, then he/she must be an ACNM member in good standing. To submit a nomination for one of these awards, please click here.

Distinguished Service Award

This award will fulfill an unanticipated need to recognize a CNM/CM or other professional for an unusual and exemplary effort in the field of community service, innovation in midwifery practice, education, or research.

Media Award

This award honors a media event, a book, a film, an expression of art that presented midwifery in an accurate and positive manner and in doing so helped to promote the profession of midwifery.

Public Policy Award

This award recognizes legislative, regulatory or health policy effort that furthered the profession of midwifery or has a significant impact on the practice of midwifery either nationally or locally.

Outstanding Preceptor Award

This award honors a preceptor of student CNM/CMs who has shown outstanding qualities for leadership and teaching, been a mentor for multiple students, and has repeatedly promoted standards of midwifery education. Nominations will be submitted by educational programs. The preceptor need not be a CNM/CM.

Exemplary Partner Organization Award

This award honors an ACNM organizational partner that has aided in the development and practice of midwifery.

Exemplary Affiliate Award

This award is given to an affiliate that demonstrates one of the following:

  • Exemplified aspects of effective member communication and organizational structure
  • Tackled a challenging project
  • Actively engaged members in effecting a positive change in legislation
  • Overall, represented the ACNM Vision, Mission, and Values on the affiliate level

Nominated by regional representatives and National Office staff.

Other Opportunities

Louis M. Hellman Midwifery Partnership Award

Dr. Hellman was a respected and well-known physician pioneer in the development of midwifery practice in the United States. The intention of this award is to present a national award of recognition to a physician who has been a champion/supporter of midwifery practice. This is a joint award given by the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the A.C.N.M. Foundation, and the Midwifery Business Network. Nominations are due January 15, 2015. 


If you have questions about the ACNM awards, please contact [email protected].


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