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Volunteer with -Midwives For Haiti-

Midwives For Haiti is a non-profit organization started by CNMs and doctors who were appalled by the maternal and infant death rate in Haiti- the highest in the western hemisphere. Many efforts to reduce maternal mortality have failed across the developing world, but WHO determined that what saved the most lives was a three-pronged effort: 1) trained skilled birth attendants, 2) provision of transport to tertiary centers and 3) a well-staffed and equipped tertiary center. Midwives For Haiti (MFH) is in Haiti because most women in Haiti still do not have access any of these resources,

Although the main focus of MFH is training skilled birth attendants, (see this link to understand what they can do -, they also provide prenatal care to hundreds of women in rural Haiti, transportation for high risk women, and staff birth centers and hospitals across the country.

One of Midwives For Haiti's great strengths is the huge number of midwives who volunteer with them every year. The volunteers come and see the problems that are faced by MFH with new eyes and fresh minds. They are innovative and willing to devote themselves to making Haiti a better place for women and babies. They mentor students and provide support to graduates who work in difficult settings. They give compassionate and skilled care to pregnant women in remote villages. They improve our curriculum content and teach both student midwives and the traditional birth attendants, called matrones, in our Matrone Outreach Program.

Volunteers can apply through the website's volunteer page ( There is a link to the electronic application on this page along with other important information about volunteering.

Volunteers will stay in either Leogane or Hinche; their fee pays for their transport, room and board, and a translator. In Leogane volunteers stay in a guesthouse. In Hinche they stay at our headquarters. At both places there is security, electricity, clean water, and safe food.

The path forward is not always certain but our mission is clear: to bring skilled care to every pregnant woman in Haiti. You can be a part of our efforts.

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