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Volunteer at St. Mary's Hospital Lacor - Gulu, Uganda

Lacor Hospital is a private, non-profit Ugandan hospital, whose mission is to guarantee affordable medical services in particular to the most needy.

The Vision of St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital is to be a General Hospital serving the population of northern Uganda. It will offer:

· The highest standards of affordable and quality in-patient service.

· The highest standards of affordable and quality in-patient and out-patient care, provided with humanity, in the field of medicine, general surgery, paediatrics and maternity that respond to the health needs of the population and which complement the services of other health care providers in northern Uganda.

· A limited number of specialized services for which it will strive to become a centre of excellence, that correspond to the priority needs of the population and that build on existing competency and comparative advantage.

· Primary health care and outreach services through its existing network of Health Centres as well, as the work of the Hospital in Layibi and Bardege, in line with the minimum health care package recommended by MoH in the HSSP II.

· Training and teaching facilities for student doctors, nurses and laboratory assistants that contribute to the implementation of the Government’s (forthcoming) national strategy for human resources development for health, and to the development of Gulu University’s medical faculty.

· Opportunities for research that can contribute to more effective functioning of the Hospital, to new knowledge on tropical disease and health care provision, and to the further advancement of staff knowledge and expertise.


Volunteers wanting to work in the Hospital are required to:

- Guarantee a minimum availability of 6 months (Medical Doctors, nurses, paramedics)

- Have a good knowledge of English

They must send a curriculum stating their generalities, competences and what they aspire to do within the hospital. Medical competences are obviously the most required but also non-medical competences are welcome, as Lacor Hospital has a great number of logistics, building and maintenance, administration departments, etc. Acceptance is based on the possibility of fitting the volunteer’s competences within the existing structure to the benefit of all parties involved.

The Foundation in Milan will carry out the first evaluation. If the application is considered adequate, it will be forwarded on to the Hospital administration, who makes the final decision. If accepted, lodging and board will be offered by the Hospital, as well as transport from and back to Entebbe airport, Uganda. The volunteer must pay her/his own air ticket to Uganda.

Send CV


The foundations raise funds and carry out technical and logistical assistance for the Hospital. As the population served is extremely poor, most of the funds needed for running the Hospital must come from outside Uganda. Most of the large funding agencies will not fund running costs or salaries. As the Hospital has almost 600 permanent Ugandan staff, over 50% of running costs are made up of salaries. Therefore, the best way to help the Hospital is to raise funds for its present and future survival. Talking about the Hospital, showing our videos or images and getting people to buy our books and materials to learn our story is the best way to find donors who believe in the Hospital’s fundamental role in health, education and development in the whole district. Technical assistance, for example in translating documents, is also very helpful.

Volunteers must send us a curriculum stating their generalities, competences and what they aspire to do for the Hospital, through the Foundation.

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