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Innovative Teaching Method: Using Blackboard Trish Payne BSN CNM MPH ICCE

Duke Midwifery Service developed a Blackboard Organization Site (vs. a course).

In it we have folders with materials releavant to various rotations in Ob/Gyn. Folders include orientation materials, links to useful websites, powerpoint presentations, etc. for all of our learners.

This saves a lot of time and avoids printing costs, and makes it easy for students to come to clinic/hospital prepared.

In fact, if a student is working with a midwife and has not read their blackboard orientation materials they are not allowed to see patients until they sit down and read it. Students are sent an email at the beginning of their rotation explaining what is expected of them to read on the site. Students and offservice residents have access to the site during their rotation.

Ob Residents have acess throughout their residency.

If you have access to blackboard, talk to your Blackboard Administrator who can help set up an organization for you.

Alternately, you could develop a google site and download documents to that site.

For more information email: [email protected]


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