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The Quest to “Healthify” the Nation

By Debra K., The Journey into Wellbeing

Hello, I’m Debra K. the Natural Health Explorer.  I’m on a quest to “healthify” our nation. I hope you enjoyed last month’s video with Chris Hilderbrandt, CNM, ARNP, of Breath of Life in Florida.

This month, we go back to Breath of Life and chat with Vikki Bennett, CNM, ARNP. We discuss the professionalism offered by midwives as a great birthing option for families.

With accessibility in all 50 states and around the globe, the demand for midwifery is clear:
  • About 12% of vaginal deliveries in the United States are attended by nurse-midwives, according to the CDC.
  • The National Birth Center Study II found that fewer than one in 16 (6%) women who gave birth in a free-standing birth center staffed by nurse-midwives required a cesarean birth compared to nearly one in 4 (24%) similarly low-risk women cared for in a hospital setting.
  • The US Department of Labor reports the job outlook for nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners is 31% growth from 2012-22, which the department cites as “much faster than average.” The reports also cites that growth will occur primarily because of the effects of health care legislation, an increased emphasis on preventive care, and demand from the aging baby boomer population for health care services as they live longer and more active lives than previous generations.

Now, here’s Vikki! Enjoy and please share within your communities.

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As the host of The Journey into Wellbeing series on PBS, Debra K. uncovers the secrets to living a high-energy, vibrant life. She hopes the stories highlighted will inspire your health transformation. Debra is also the author of the text, “Success from the Start”, and co-founder of iMassage, Inc. If you want healthy recipes from some of the nation’s top chefs, follow the Recipe Redo Blog.

Posted By Barbra Elenbaas | 9/9/2014 11:09:17 AM



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