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Professional Nursing and Midwifery Activities of Members Holding Appointed or Elected Positions in ACNM

ACNM members who hold appointed or elected positions within the organizational structure of the College may, from time to time, have professional opportunities afforded them because of their nurse-midwifery role or membership in the ACNM. It is the position of the ACNM that acceptance by these individuals of such opportunities may be in the best interest of the College in that such activities help advance the professional development of these members and extend recognition of the nurse-midwifery profession and the ACNM to other organizations.

The acceptance by appointed or elected ACNM officials of such professional opportunities (whether paid or unpaid) is subject to the following policies and procedures:

Services to be provided by the ACNM official must not be in conflict with, or prohibited by, the ACNM Mission, Philosophy, Code of Ethics, or Standards of Practice.

Acceptance must not present a conflict of interest with the ACNM (conflict of interest is defined as any activity paid or unpaid, pursuant to a verbal or written agreement, that reflects adversely on the ACNM, as determined in the reasonable judgment of the board. Activities which may represent conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to, the acceptance of favors, money or other consideration that may obligate the recipient to take actions contrary to actions which the ACNM may be taking at the time with respect to a particular matter).

Only the ACNM president or the president's designee may act as spokesperson for the ACNM.

Members engaged in activities approved pursuant to these guidelines may use their ACNM position title or description materials generated in conjunction with such activities.

Source: Board of Directors

Approved by the Board of Directors, November 1, 1992


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