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Midwives in the News

Nearly every day, in different communities across the country, ACNM members are working to promote their businesses, address public health concerns, or respond to women's health news and information.

Below is a sampling of articles from newspapers and other Web sites which have recently featured ACNM members, midwives or the practice of midwifery in America and around the world. If you know of a news story about midwifery, e-mail the link to [email protected].

March 14, 2014: A new standard of care (profiling ACNM President Ginger Breedlove) (International Innovation)

November 21: Babies and beyond: Area certified nurse-midwives offer wide range of services (

November 21: A Midwife and Her Patient: Learning from Loss (

November 11: Real Midwives of D.C. (Washington City Paper)

October 26: 5 Things You Should Know Before Giving Birth (Fox News)

October 5: More moms electing to use certified nurse-midwives (The Republican)

September 23: Forty years later, HCMC midwife unit still one of a kind (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

July 22: P.C. Midwife is passionate about women's health (The Park Record)

July 22: Maven midwife: Emory professor elected into prestigious fellowship class (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

July 15: Judith Bishop, CNM, discusses nitrous oxide use (Radio Health Journal)

June 13: Midwives for all the seasons of women's lives (

June 13: Other Birthing Options (ABC Salt Lake City)

June 8: A Setting for Birth (WYPR radio)

June 1: Vanderbilt offers laughing gas to ease labor pain (Associated Press)

May 21: Moms and their midwives form a special bond during pregnancy and delivery (Detroit Free Press)

May 20: Childbirth at Home on the Rise, Says Report (ABC News)

May 16: Midwifery in our Region: The Kojo Nnamdi Show

May 11: Midwifery in Maryland (WYPR radio)

April 1: At-Risk Federal Funds Cover Far More Than The Pill (NPR Morning Edition)

March 22: North Carolina's Lenoir Memorial Hospital hires first-ever midwife  

March 15: UH expanding pregnancy program through grant

The Practical Pregnancy

Mavis Schorn, CNM, PhD, shared her knowledge and wisdom with readers in this popular Q and A feature.

Pregnancy & Newborn

November 2010
Growing number of women in W. Mich. use midwives; find out why

"A lot of people think coming to a midwife means you have to bite down on a washcloth the entire time," said Gail Heathcote, an ACNM member. Instead, midwives work to put the mom in control of childbirth decisions -- including pain relief.

The Grand Rapids (MI.) Press

November 8, 2010
Carrboro (NC) Midwifery Helps Moms Give Birth at Home

Deb O'Connell, the mom of three, opened Carrboro Midwifery in January and has been busy ever since. October 31, 2010
Born into the chaos of Katrina: A midwife's live-giving journey

Certified nurse-midwife Robbie Prepas and her team delivered 20 healthy babies amid hurricaine Katrina's aftermath in a two-week period that changed her life. August 26, 2010
Midwives Object To Analysis Of Risk To Babies Born At Home

The American College of Nurse-Midwives is objecting to the way a recent AJOG study was conducted. Article features ACNM President Holly Powell Kennedy. July 30, 2010
Welcome home, baby

After falling out of favor, home births are now on the rise in the U.S. Article features ACNM member Mavis Schorn.

Voice of America (VOA) News July 30, 2010
Midwives are common, c-sections rare

St. Joseph's Hospital, the oldest in Minnesota, has found a new niche as it relies on midwives. Article features members Melissa Hasler, Deb Monson and Brielle Stoyke (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN) June 2, 2010
Centering Pregnancy

ACNM member Susan Jacoby, CNM, explains the Centering Pregnancy approach and the midwifery model of care.

WGME-TV (CBS affiliate)

Portland, ME

May 24, 2010
The art of baby catching
Julie Gorwoda, director of nurse-midwifery education at the University of New Mexico's College of Nursing, speaks on the importance of midwifes in women's care, and shares the history of midwifery.

The piece also mentions ACNM members Leah Albers and Felina Ortiz. (NM)

May 6, 2010
Ten tips for expectant mothers
Member Elizabeth Stein penned this article which was picked up by (GA) and other newspapers across the country. (GA)

April 19, 2010
Midwife turned CEO delivers health care

As FamilyCare's CEO, Martha Carter, CNM, oversees seven federally funded nonprofit clinics in Charleston, Teays Valley, and Madison, as well as an eighth facility underway in Eleanor. Nearly 24,000 patients use the clinics every year, people of all ages, people with and without insurance.

The Charleston (WV) Gazette April 4, 2010
Local nurse midwives ready for trip to Haiti

Donna Lowney, CNM, is used to seeing patients in her quiet office in Stafford and delivering babies at nearby Johnson Memorial Hospital. Soon she'll be visiting patients in makeshift tent cities and delivering babies in poorly equipped Haitian hospitals.

Journal Inquirer (CT) April 2, 2010
Why Worries About Baby Are Bad for Baby

Pregnancy-specific anxiety is linked to developmental delays. New programs--including the midwife-founded group model of care Centering Pregnancy--aim to help expectant moms reduce stress.

The Wall Street Journal March 31, 2010
Simple approach could save lives: Oldest birth center in Texas shows the way

At the oldest birth center in Texas, at Weslaco in the Rio Grande Valley, a small team of committed health workers has achieved what successive US governments have failed to do for more than two decades -- dramatically improved the health of women giving birth and their babies.

Houston Chronicle March 28, 2010
Local Doctors, Midwife Volunteer in Haiti

Tanya Tringali, CNM, a midwife at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, will leave March 27 for Cite Soleil, just outside Port-au-Prince, where plans are under way to construct a birthing center for expectant mothers. (Lower Hudson Valley, NY) March 20, 2010
Midwives Headed to Haiti to Deliver Babies, Tend Ill

ACNM member midwives Patti Lee and Pam Craddock are headed to Haiti with Midwives for Haiti. March 19, 2010
American Academy of Nursing Recognizes CT Nurse Midwife

The American Academy of Nursing (AAN) named Sharon Schindler Rising, MSN, RN, CNM, an "Edge Runner," a designation given to nurses who have pioneered innovative, nurse-led models of care.

Advance for Nurses March 17, 2010
Vaginal birth after C-section gets boost by NIH-convened expert panel

Megan Sapp, CNM, of Special Beginnings Birth & Women's Center in Arnold, MD, is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun March 11, 2010
Group appointments give patients better access to physicians

Midwives and physicians caring for multiple patients simultaneously has gotten a new boost as the nation urgently searches for sustainable models of health care.

The Washington Post March 9, 2010
Midwives a reborn option

In Kaiser Permanente's system, midwives are part of an integrated labor and delivery team with nurses and physicians.

Star Bulletin (Honolulu, HI) March 8, 2010
Lessons at Indian Hospital for Births After C-Sections

This week, the NIH will hold a conference in Bethesda, MD, about the country's dismal rates of vaginal birth after Caesarean, which have plummeted since 1996. Tuba City will not be on the agenda, but its hospital could probably teach the rest of the country a few things about obstetrical care.

The New York Times March 6, 2010
Top Tips for Pregnant Women with Herpes Simplex Virus

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) impacts 40 percent of women across the U.S. Midwife & leading women's health expert, Elizabeth Stein CNM, MSN, MPH, sheds light on this infection and explains what pregnant women with herpes can do to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth. March 4, 2010
CDC Study Says Home Births on the Rise in U.S.

New numbers released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that a very small but slightly growing number of women are choosing to give birth outside of the hospital.

ABC News Medical Unit March 3, 2010
Narragansett nurse-midwife brings skills to Haiti South County Independent

(Newport, RI)

February 2010
Pregnant in Prison

Women receive prenatal care, but give birth in shackles. Article features Pam Spry, CNM.

Boulder (CO) Weekly February 18, 2010
Ready, Set, Conception: 9 Steps to Prepare Your Body for Baby

ACNM Senior Practice Advisor Eileen Ehudin Beard, CNM, FNP, is quoted in this excellent article on preparing your body for conception.

Times-Herald February 15, 2010
Let midwives practice

Board member Heather Swanson writes that the midwives of Nebraska are more than ready to help alleviate the infant death rate; however they need practice barriers removed by the state.

Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star January 24, 2010
Women in labor can have food, studies say

ACNM's Eileen Beard, CNM weighs in on the ongoing debate about oral nutrition during labor. Article references new Cochrane study.

Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch January 20, 2010
Ready, set, conception

ACNM Senior Advisor Eileen Beard, CNM, provides some advice for couples that are trying to conceive. January/February 2010 issue
Shade Tree program bolsters prenatal care options

Shade Tree Early Pregnancy Program (STEPP) is a clinical partnership between the Vanderbilt University's School of Medicine and School of Nursing. STEPP is a bridge to get people in need into care, said Tonia Moore-Davis, M.S.N., R.N., C.M.N., head of the VUSN nurse midwifery practice. Article features several other ACNM members, including Mavis Schorn, CNM, PhD.


(Vanderbilt University's weekly newspaper)

January 8, 2010
Tampa midwife named nurse of the year

Pam Kelly is an employee of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, and serves as a nurse-midwife with the University of South Florida. She serves on the Advisory Committee of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence; in November, Pam was to set up a Sexual Assault Response Team in Antigua. In just one week, she trained 100 people.

Studio 10 TV (Tampa Bay, Florida) January 4, 2010
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