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Midwives Teaching Midwives

Welcome Midwifery Educators!

Thank you for your work in preparing future generations of midwives. As members of the ACNM Division of Education, our group exists to provide you with resources and a forum for communication in our midwifery education community.

Our Membership

We are members of ACNM who are committed to providing outstanding and inspiring midwifery education in both the clinical and classroom setting. Our members teach in midwifery schools across the country in Masters and DNP programs and in in distance programs, on campus programs and in hybrid programs. We are program faculty, are practicing midwives in ambulatory care and in all birth settings, or all of the above!

Our Activities

Each year at the ACNM Annual Meeting we host Education Sessions and/or Workshops that aim to provide a venue for sharing innovations in clinical and didactic education, a forum for discussion of challenges, and opportunities for mentorship and support.

We work closely with the Midwives Teaching Nurses Caucus and the Medical Education Caucuses, our close partners in educating nurses, medical students and residents. We also partner with the ACNM Preceptor Section to provide resources and ideas in order to provide the best clinical education possible for all our students.

Join Us!

Join our active listserv Midwives Teaching Midwives ‘mtm' at to share information about curricula, simulation, resources and textbooks, educational activities, faculty development, and other issues related to the education of our future midwifery colleagues and enhancing our own professional growth as educators.

Please also contact us if you have ideas for presentations at our Workshops or Education Sessions.

For more information about “Midwives Teaching Midwives”, email Dawn Durain, CNM, ACNM Division of Education Midwifery Education Section Chair [email protected] or Judy Lazarus, CNM, DNP at [email protected]


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