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"Midwifing Midwives for a Lifetime" Commendation


This honor recognizes midwifery education programs that have educated midwifery students, increased access to midwifery education through innovation and service and put the heart of midwifery into their educational program. Award applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

Application Instructions

Every ACNM DOA or ACME accredited midwifery / nurse-midwifery education program is eligible to apply for one silver (ten years of provision of midwifery education) and one golden commendation (twenty years of provision of midwifery education) commendation, and receive a framed certificate and copy of the ACNM poster “The Heart of Midwifery”.

Applicants should send a description to their ACNM Regional Representative specifying how the education program meets the following criteria:

1. Longevity: the program is at least 10 years old or more than 20 years old;

2. Innovativeness: the program has examples of innovative methods of midwifery education;

3. Increased access to midwifery education: the program has diversified its applicant pool;

4. Service: the faculty and students have participated in community outreach efforts to increase access to care for women; and

5. “The Heart of Midwifery” permeates the curriculum

All CNM and CM faculty must be current members of ACNM in good standing.

Who Decides?

The regional representatives and the ACNM President will evaluate the eligibility of each applying educational program. The ACNM Regional Representative is responsible for providing accurate contact information for the Education Program Director and the dates of the educational program as it should appear on the certificate.

Instructions for Regional Representatives

After receipt of the application and preliminary verification of eligibility, send the application to the ACNM President and appropriate national office staff for confirmation. The ACNM national office staff will be responsible for mailing the certificate and framed poster.


If you have questions, please contact [email protected].


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