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Midwifery History Caucus

We are a forum open to members of all ages who are passionate about collecting and archiving the stories of our esteemed midwife predecessors.


How can I join?  Call or email Karen McGee 513-919-1542 [email protected] or Connie Dewees 828-269-5544 [email protected]

Are there dues?  We ask a one-time donation for operating costs of $25. Send your donation payable to Roberta Poirier; mail to her at 2300 Duncan Rd, Bloomer WI 54724. [email protected]

What is the focus of the Caucus? To complete and preserve interviews of senior midwives; to involve senior midwives with ACNM; to find educational topics of interest to senior midwives for the Annual Meeting.

Is there a format for doing the interviews?
Yes, the Interview Guidelines are available to download on this page.

Leadership Team

Karen McGee, Connie Dewees, Candace Curlee, GeeGee Blair.


Yearly at the ACNM Annual Meeting. First annual meeting May 2016. Phone meetings as needed.

Standard Rules of Procedure (SROP)

Purpose: To provide a forum for ACNM members who have an interest in collecting and archiving the history of midwifery through interviews of midwives.

I. Composition
a. Membership will be composed of at least 15 ACNM members at all times.
b. Members will consist of ACNM members interested in the work of collecting and preserving the interviews of senior midwives by written, audio or video documents.
II General Activities and Restriction
a. Participate in the collection of individual interviews with midwives who have or are practicing, educating and advocating for midwifery. The interviews will have similar structure but various formats. The interviews will be archived so that they will be available to the public. Publicity and use of the interviews will be determined by the caucus with guidance from the ACNM Board.
b. Develop ways to promote continued support and involvement in ACNM by midwives over 65.
c. Share information, network and act as a resource for caucus members and other interested ACNM members.
d. Make recommendations to the ACNM BOD related to the purpose.
e. Consider and act on the requests from ACNM for participation in specific projects or activities related to the purpose.
f. Make motions at the ACNM Annual Membership Meeting.
g. Propose educational content for ACNM meetings.
h. Request the use of meeting space at ACNM Annual Membership Meeting.
i. Request publication of information about the caucus, its meetings and
activities, in ACNM publications.
i. Restrictions
i. The caucus will not change its purpose or membership requirements without notification to and acceptance by the ACNM BOD.
ii. The caucus will not identify its position as that of the ACNM or imply that the ACNM supports its position if the ACNM holds a different position.
iii. The caucus will not make any restrictions on membership other than those identified in this SROP.
iv. The caucus will not collect or maintain ongoing funds for its own use except as agrees to by the ACNM BOD.
j. Interview Objectives
i. Capture the breadth of midwifery practice particularly through the lens of individuals of the ACNM community.
ii. Understand the practice of midwifery in the United States from the perspective of ACNM members past and present and its relationship to the healthcare system as a whole.
iii. Support the appreciation of midwifery practice through the stories of individual midwives.
iv. Create a collection of stories that will provide a basis for historical research.

III Governance
a. The officers will be elected from among the group.
b. The governing body will be known as the governing or executive committee.
c. Membership is not restricted, other than by the defining characteristic of the group as described in the purpose.
d. Elections for caucus leadership are held every 2 years by electronic means. The positions needed by the governing committee will be identified as the caucus develops.
e. Terms of office will be 2 years, with one reelection possible.
IV Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Chairperson:
(The first 3 items [a-c] apply to all members of a governing committee)
a. Membership in the ACNM.
b. Able to carry out the responsibilities of the position defined below.
c. Agreement to a pledge of confidentiality and conflict of interest with regard to the business of ACNM.
d. Chairperson (these responsibilities may be divided if the group has a governing committee rather than a single officer).
i. Maintain a current list of active and prior members.
ii. Convene meetings of the caucus at least annually, during the ACNM Annual Membership Meeting.
iii. Notify members in a timely fashion of any meetings or activities of the caucus.
iv. Conduct business meetings.
v. Assure that minutes are taken and maintained of all business meeting held by the group.
vi. Maintain financial records of any monies collected or distributed by the group.
vii. Report annually to the ACNM BOD on the meetings and activities of the caucus (this is the sole responsibility of the chairperson).
viii. Submit to the ACNM BOD any agenda items relating to the caucus activities and proposed projects.

V Qualification of Members

a. Member of the ACNM in good standing.
b. Interest in the purpose for which the caucus was formed.
c. Agreement to a pledge of confidentiality and conflict of interest with regard to the business of ACNM.

VI Meetings
a. The History Caucus will meet yearly during the ACNM Annual Membership Meeting.
b. Interim meetings by telephone conferencing will be held to achieve the goals of the caucus.
c. Electronic mail or other asynchronous methods of communications may be used for document review and any other business not requiring face-to-face discussion or a vote of the members.
d. An ACNM email list will be created and maintained for use of the caucus members.
The list will is open to all interested ACNM members, whether or not they are formal members of the caucus. A list serve will be developed from the email list and will be developed as individuals request participation.
e. Failure to hold a meeting for two consecutive years will constitute grounds for dissolution of the caucus.
VII Finances
a. Dues, fees to cover meeting expenses or other financial requirement for
membership will be proposed every 2 years. The treasurer will make a
recommendation that is reasonable estimated costs. It will not be more than $25 for the first year. (2015)
b. ACNM shall have no financial responsibility for the activities or meeting of the caucus except as approved by the Finance and Audit Committee of the ACNM BOD.
c. The Caucus will describe the plan for making money prior to any initiative. The ACNM will be informed of the plan and activities will be announced to the public.
d. Financial records of all monies collected and distributed will be maintained in an organized fashion.
e. If the caucus is requested by the ACNM to take on a project, or submits an agenda item to the ACNM BOD recommending a project, the caucus may make a budget request related to the costs of the project.

VIII Dissolution
a. The caucus may be dissolved by vote of simple majority of its members.
b. The caucus may be dissolved by ACNM BOD if it no longer acts in accordance with its stated purpose, or acts in a manner that causes harm to the ACNM.
Upon dissolution, all caucus monies must be disposed of in a manner agreed to by the members of the caucus.

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