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GAC and Midwives-PAC 2013 - 2014 School Legislative Contact List

If you are a CM or CNM student interested in the Government Affairs Committee and/or the Midwives-PAC, we need you!  Please check the list below to see if there is an opening for a School Legislative Contact (SLC) from your school.  If you are interested, please contact the Government Affairs Committee ([email protected]) or the Midwives-PAC ([email protected]), and include "School Legislative Contact" in the subject line.  View the job description.  

Baylor University - VACANT

Baystate Medical Center - Nina Harris

California State University, Fullerton - VACANT

Case Western Reserve University - VACANT

Columbia University - Jessica Momberg

East Carolina University - Rachelle Denney, Sherry Jones

Emory University - Brittany Mehta; Meridith Mikulich; Shawn Marie Fox

Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing - Gretchen Scott; Renee Gaiski; Marianna Holland; Heather Logan McClanahan

Georgetown University - Melissa Kitzman; Mary Jane Greenwood; Heather Mozdy; Kathryn Sorensen

Marquette University - Amanda Shafton

New York University - VACANT

Ohio State University - Kavia Gowda; Merit Jones

Oregon Health Sciences - Devin Seman; Paige Atkinson; Christen O'Haire

Philadelphia University - VACANT

San Diego State University - VACANT

Seattle University - VACANT

Shenandoah University - Christina Wray

State University of New York Downstate Medical Center - Anastasia Libovich

Stony Brook University -Traci Gamet

Texas Tech University - VACANT

University of California, San Francisco - Sage Bearman; Katie Towers

University of Cincinnati - Rachel Stall

University of Colorado, Denver - Nicole Drake

University of Florida - Jessica Dean

University of Illinois, Chicago -VACANT

University of Indianapolis - VACANT

University of Kansas - Nancy Raile

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - VACANT

University of Miami - VACANT

University of Michigan - Maggie Fink

University of Minnesota - Allison Harr

University of New Mexico - Haley Walters

University of Pennsylvania - Marley Mitchell

University of Puerto Rico - Grisselle M. Nieves

University of Utah - VACANT

University of Washington -VACANT

Vanderbilt University - Janna Jones

Wayne State University -VACANT

Yale University - Chloe Lubell


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