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Quickening Editorial Guidelines

Submission of content is open to all members of ACNM and those working with ACNM on projects. Members may submit queries, questions, or completed articles to the editor at [email protected]

Copy deadlines for the quarterly issues are:

  • December 1--for the winter edition;
  • March 1--for the spring edition;
  • June 1?for the summer edition;
  • September 1?for the fall edition.

Subjects of articles should be directly pertinent to midwifery practice and/or research.  Word count for submission will vary based on the topic. Submissions should be no more than 800 words.

Submission of an article does not guarantee publication. The editor will determine the appropriateness of the article and placement/location in the publication based on following criteria: timeliness, subject matter, angle, mix of other articles in the issue or articles recently published, space available, and adherence to Quickening guidelines.   

Submissions include, but are not limited to, the following subject areas:

  • ?        New or updated position statements, clinical bulletins, publications, research*

  • ?        Reports from committees, task forces, divisions,** and board members***

  • ?        Updates from our related organizations:  AMCB, ACME, A.C.N.M. Foundation

  • ?        Activity reports from departments within the national office:  Communications, Advocacy and Government Affairs, Finance, Membership, Global 

  • ?        ACNM events such as the Annual Meeting, Midwifery Works, ACNM elections, National Midwifery Week

  • ?        Projects/initiatives supported by ACNM such as the CDC Immunization Program, the Healthy Birth Initiative, AIM, Benchmarking, Sonography, Billing and Coding, Consumer/Public Education, Reducing Primary Cesarean,, FASD

  • ?        Topics of interest to our members such as domestic violence, diversification and inclusion, breastfeeding, precepting

  • ?        Volunteer opportunities

  • ?        Activities of senior midwives and student midwives****

  • ?        Journal of Midwifery and Women?s Health activities

  • ?        AMCB newly-certified midwives

  • ?        Birth announcements, honors and awards, obituaries (space permitting)

*Clinical content is reviewed/approved by the Department of Professional Practice and Health Policy before publication. 

**Divisions, sections, committees, task forces, and caucuses must submit their articles and reports to their Board liaisons for approval prior to submission for publication.

***Articles submitted by Board members must relate to their role on the Board, unless prior approval for submissions on other topics is granted.

Quickening does not contain a ?Letter to the Editor? section.  Due to the large volume of content received, and the small editorial staff, there is no space designated for letters in response to articles.  If members want to have a discussion with other members nationally on a particular issue, an appropriate vehicle is the ACNM Town Hall forum.  Members can sign up for the town hall and begin a discussion here:    

Visual images are an important part of conveying the topic of an article effectively.  Contributors should make an effort to find and send visually strong photos with their articles, as well as author headshots. Digital photos of a resolution 300dpi are preferred.

All articles appearing in Quickening become the rights of ACNM for one-time usage. Authors retain individual reprint rights at their discretion. To obtain reprint rights for articles or information appearing in Quickening, contact the editor at [email protected] or call 240-485-1822.

How to Submit* to [email protected]:
Copy:  Electronic submission as a Microsoft Word document is preferred, however most file formats can be accepted. All submissions must be typed. *Articles may also be submitted by mail to ACNM, 8403 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910, Attn Q Editor.

Photographs:  Electronic submission in bitmap (.bmp) or (.tif) file formats preferred, however most file formats can be accepted.

Submissions must include the following:

?        Author?s name including updated credentials and any committee positions held in ACNM

?        A proposed headline

?        An author photograph

be     Additional photographs are encouraged. If submitted, please send a caption identifying all individuals pictured as well as a disclosure form for any minors pictured

?        Contact information, including a telephone number

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