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Welcome to the Department of Global Outreach: Since its inception, ACNM, its members and staff have contributed to global efforts to improve maternal and newborn survival in developing countries.

We receive grants and cooperative agreements to implement programs and provide technical assistance in more than 30 countries worldwide. We were a subcontractor on global USAID projects. We also receive funding from private foundations and donors.. We also receive funding from private foundations and donors.

Globally, we are best known for our pioneering work in Life-Saving Skills for midwives, Home-Based Life-Saving Skills, midwifery education, and our efforts to strengthen midwifery associations in developing countries. In addition to the work of ACNM, our members are very active internationally. ACNM members are staff or consultants at a variety of international organizations, and many spend time volunteering each year to help midwives working in health facilities and communities in developing countries. Click here to read about the work our members are doing around the world.