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Division of Global Health

The purpose of the Division of Global Health is to contribute to global efforts to improve the health of women and infants, and to actively participate in the advancement of the profession of midwifery worldwide by enhancing communication, conducting and promoting research, developing materials and programs, and providing expertise to the College and the Board.

Chair: Jody Lori


The Division of Global Health (DGH) contributes to worldwide efforts to improve the health of women and children globally through the advancement of the profession of midwifery.


To work with and support the work of the Department of Global Outreach. To serve as the coordinating body within the college for global research, education, networking and communication across the membership. Promote best evidence-based practices for women and newborn health. Support the education of midwifery students as global citizens. Increase the visibility of midwives work worldwide.


Support the strategic goals of ACNM

By 2010, ACNM will create strategic communication detailing the value of midwifery care in the US and globally

By 2015, there will be 1000 newly certified CNMs/CMs per year

By 2015, CNMs/CMs will achieve full autonomy in practice and equitable reimbursement

By 2020, midwives will attend 20% of all births in the US.

Dedicated to Safe Motherhood

Committed to listen and respond to the membership

Interface with all midwives

1-3 year Goals


Development of a community of practice for researchers using structures or platforms that might include Community of Practice/forum/listserv/blogs/facebook. An advantage of using a CoP is that documents can be stored. Outcome: examine the possibilities/interest of membership in establishing a community of practice and feasibility of different structures.

Develop a database people could search with keywords and countries. A “members at work” section to open communication networks between where people are working clinically or doing research. Connect faculty and students interested in international research. Outcome: a world map with call outs on the ACNM website that identifies countries where members are engaged in activities (research, volunteer work, faculty with research, etc.) (Work in the Education & Research Sections overlap here).


Organize the Section membership into sub-sections:

1) Domestic: pre-service and in-service education (educational exchanges, development of on-line Live Learning content, workshops throughout the year). Outcome: develop educational materials for the Live Learning Center on the ACNM website. Develop a resource for potential midwifery students of programs that offer an international component in their curriculum to post on ACNM website and how to facilitate an international exchange (i.e. contracts, models, guidelines).

2) International: support work being done on the core competencies for midwifery, curriculum development. Develop a subsection to work on the Live Learning Center idea. Support work on the CC's. Outcome: organize the membership of the section into short-term distinct working groups via a taskforce or caucus. Identify goals for each of the sub-groups. (Work in the Education & Research Sections overlap here).

Connect faculty and students interested in international research – identify programs that include international opportunities for students. Outcome: compile a list of educational programs that includes a brief description of international opportunities (i.e. clinical placements, faculty with international research) for the ACNM webpage.


Roundtable coordination, promote/encourage student roundtable involvement. Outcome: work with program committee to assure smooth transition to new deadlines for abstract submission. (Work in the Networking & Research Sections overlap here).

Input on international awards through the foundation. Outcome: Provide input for criteria and selection of awards.

Activities related to ICM. Outcome: Coordinate a DGO/DGH booth at ICM.


Web site development. Outcome: work with ACNM staff to update DGO/DGH content as well as providing additional content identified by DGO/DGH.

Members at work. Outcome: open communication networks by identifying where members are working internationally. (Work in the Research, Education & Communication Sections overlap here).

Sections and General Activities:

Research Section: Catherine Carr

Provides a forum for membership to discuss development review of international research

Communicates the developement and/or review of research opportunities to the membership

Provides consultation on interenational midwifery research

Recommends position statements to the Board concerning international research

Education Section: Barbara Reale

Supports work of the Division of Global Health as it relates to pre-service and continuing midwifery education

Develops, maintains, and updates guidelines for evaluating existing education efforts

Working with the DGO staff, contributes to the development of continuing education courses for members who are interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in global health

Assists interested student members to identify Capstone projects that are mutually beneficial to the student, ACNM, and/or nurse-midwifery education programs

Maintains, updates and provides information relative to international practice standards for midwives

Communication Section: Anne Hyre

Shares ideas with the Department of Global Outreach (DGO) staff on efficient communication mechanisms for the membership

Contributes content and ideas to the Global Outreach page of the ACNM website

Participates in DGO social media efforts (such as Facebook, blogs)

Networking Section: Katrina Nardini

Develops networking activities for members at the ACNM Annual Meetings in conjuction with DGO and meeting management consultants

Proposes ideas for increasing exposure of global health during ACNM Annual Meetings

Assists in implementing ideas to increase exposure of global health during ACNM Annual Meetings

Supports activities of the Foundation related to the Bonnie Pedersen and Jeannie Raisler awards at the Annual Meetings

Participates in the review of ICM draft documents as requested; encourage members outside of the division to be involved in the review process

Encourages participation of ACNM members in ICM Triennial and Regional Meetings

You must identify a section for membership.  All work of the Division of Global Health is done through the four sections listed above.  Membership is a three-year term.

After you identify a section you are interested in, you must apply for membership. Fill out this application and send it along with your c-v to the chair of the appropriate section.


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