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A vast amount of what is accomplished by ACNM is due to the volunteer efforts of CNMs and CMs across the country who contribute their expertise, energy, time, and perspective to the work of these groups. The brief description of each committee which follows is for information and to encourage participation in an area that suits individual CNM/CM interests and talents. For more information, read ACNM Fact Sheet "An Overview of Divisions and Committees". To volunteer for a committee or division, use the Volunteer Application.

Click here to access the template for a Committee Standing Rules of Procedure (SROP).
Click here to access the template for a Caucus Standing Rules of Procedure (SROP).
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  • Membership and Marketing Committee

    The Membership and Marketing Committee works with the ACNM Membership and Marketing Department to enhance the member experience and value in our association. 
    Chair: Carrie Neerland, CNM, MS, APRN

  • Publications Committee

    The Publications Committee works closely with the ACNM national office staff to plan and develop content for professional resources and publications.

    ChairRobyn Schafer, CNM, MSN, RN, EdM, IBCLC

  • Government Affairs Committee

    The Government Affairs Committee serves as a forum for policy coordination from the divisions and helps to implement ACNM's advocacy goals related to midwifery practice and women's health by carrying out strategies on a national level.  The Government Affairs Committee also coordinates the mobilization of grassroots efforts by ACNM's membership, ensuring that our direct political action is both enthusiastic and effective.

    Chair:  Kate Green, PhD, CNM

  • Archives Committee

    The Archives Committee maintains and preserves material of historical significance to the College for reference by members, midwifery students, and individual researchers approved by the Board.  These materials are maintained in the National Library of Medicine
    Chair: Winifred Connerton, PhD, CNM

  • Bylaws Committee

    The Bylaws Committee facilitates the work of the ACNM and maintains congruence with the Bylaws of the College by review of: College Standing Rules of Procedure, Chapter Standing Rules of Procedure, proposed bylaw amendments, and other documents as requested by the ACNM Board of Directors.
    Chair:  Melicia Escobar, BC CNM MSN WHNP

  • Ethics

    To promote and facilitate the efforts of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) to be responsive to the ethical dimensions of the midwifery profession.
    Chair: Mary Kaye Collins, CNM, JD

  • Committee for the Advancement of Midwifery Practice

    To strengthen the profession of midwifery in the United States through various means, including, but not limited to, assisting midwives to establish Boards of Midwifery and establish mechanisms for licensure of Certified Midwives (CMs) in their states. The goal of these activities is to support midwifery as a distinct profession, to open the profession to more individuals of diverse backgrounds, and to encourage more individuals to become credentialed as CNM/CMs, thus leading to a greater number of practicing CNM/CMs.
    Chair: Karen Jefferson, LM, CM

  • Midwives Political Action Committee

    The Midwives-PAC is a political action committee formed by ACNM in 2000 for the purpose of soliciting voluntary contributions from ACNM members that can be distributed strategically as campaign contributions to federal legislators. Its mission is to raise the voice of midwifery in Congress by supporting federal legislators who have demonstrated an understanding, interest, and commitment to the views, goals, and initiatives of our membership organization.
    Chair: Emily Hart Hayes

  • Midwives of Color Committee

    The Midwives of Color Committee recruits and retains persons of diverse ethnic/cultural backgrounds to the profession of midwifery, provides educational preparation to the ACNM Membership, which will develop respect for cultural variations, and increases awareness and responsiveness among ACNM members to maternal/child health care issues affecting people of color.
    Chair: Patricia O. Loftman, CNM, LM, MS. FACNM

  • Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee insures the conduct of legal and proper nominations of officers and other elective positions designated by the Bylaws.
    Patricia Burkhardt

  • Program Committee

    The Program Committee plans and coordinates the program for the Annual Meeting of the College.
    Chair: Letitia Sullivan, CNM

  • Finance and Audit Committee

    The Finance and Audit committee- carries out financial oversight for the College and recommends policy and guidelines concerning financial matters to the Board of Directors (BOD).

    Chair: Joan Slager CNM DNP CPC FACNM


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