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Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee facilitates the work of the ACNM and maintains congruence with the Bylaws of the College by review of: College Standing Rules of Procedure, Chapter Standing Rules of Procedure, proposed bylaw amendments, and other documents as requested by the ACNM Board of Directors.
Chair:  Melicia Escobar, BC CNM MSN WHNP

ACNM Bylaws (Adopted May 2008)

Bylaws Implementation Updates 

October 2009

ACNM Governance Policies have been finalized to provide Affiliates with a guide in establishing their own Goverance Policies. We are accepting Affiliate application packets with a goal of having all of the Affiliates developed by the ACNM 55th Annual Meeting in June 2010.

January 2009

ACNM members resoundingly approved new bylaws in May 2008.  Much work has already been accomplished to comply with this new organizational framework, both at the ACNM national office and through the Bylaws Taskforce.  Here is an update on these activities and next steps to expect.

  • Membership Subcommittee.  Chaired by Brielle Stoyke, CNM, the Membership Subcommittee met during the fall of 2008 to implement ACNM Bylaws Article III related to ACNM membership categories.  This work culminated in developing new membership categories, dues structures and benefit packages, which were approved by the ACNM Board of Directors in December 2008. Read more about ACNM's new membership categories here.  While this work of the Subcommittee now is complete, the Membership Subcommittee will continue its involvement in bylaws implementation as advisors to the Affiliate Development and Support  Subcommittee on membership issues.
  • Board Subcommittee.  Under the leadership of Chair Ginger Breedlove, CNM, PhD, ARNP, FACNM, the Board Subcommittee also completed most of its work on ACNM Bylaw Articles VI-X.  These changes include:
    • President-Elect.  For the 2009 Election, the ACNM Nominating Committee has brought forth two candidates for the office of President-Elect.
    • Student Representative to the Board of Directors.  A student representative will participate in ACNM Board of Directors' meetings beginning with the May 2009 meeting held in conjunction with the ACNM 54th Annual Meeting.  Student representatives will serve a one-year term to represent student interests generally, not those of their particular education program, and will have the opportunity to be engaged in all activities of the Board at the Annual Meeting. They will also be responsible for working with the Student Committee, including charges to be carried out as directed by the Board. The student would continue to serve as the student representative even if they assume this role during their transition from student to first-year practicing midwife.  Each year, a different ACME-accredited school of midwifery will have the opportunity to designate the student representative, beginning with Baylor University School of Nursing Nurse-Midwifery program, which was randomly selected.  School participation hereafter will be by alphabetical order.  Schools will be notified in November of this opportunity and will have one month to determine whether they can participate.  If the school cannot participate, the next school in alpha order would be asked and so forth until a school is found. Schools not participating in a given year would go to the end of the list. The school will determine the method of selection of the representative.
    • Finance & Audit Committee.  In its September 2008 meeting, the Board approved changing the name of the ACNM Financial Advisory Board to the Finance & Audit Committee.  The FAC met in November 2008 to review the ACNM 2009 budget and fulfill its responsibility to submit a balanced budget for approval to the Board of Directors in December 2008.  In addition, revised FAC Standing Rules of Procedure (SROPs) were approved at the December 2008 board meeting.  
    • Board Personnel Committee.  In its September 2008 meeting, the Board approved the formation of this new committee, and the Committee had its first meeting in December 2008. The committee is chaired by Melissa Avery; other committee members include Cecilia Jevitt and Candace Curlee. 
    • Board Awards Committee.  In its September 2008 meeting, the Board approved creation of this new committee, to be chaired by Linda Nanni; other committee members include Dawn Durain and Ginger Breedlove.
    • Addition of one Regional Representative to the Board of Directors Executive Committee.  In its September 2008 meeting, the Board approved a process for selection of Region Representative to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. This selection will be made annually at the close of each annual meeting by the Regional Representatives serving on the Board.  For the remainder of this current term of service (to May 2009), Cathy Collins-Fulea will serve in this role.
  • Affiliate Development and Support Subcommittee. Chaired by Lynne Himmelreich, CNM, MPH, this subcommittee will work on implementation of Bylaws Article V.  The work of the subcommittee is underway, including research on best practices of other national professional organizations.  The subcommittee will begin assisting the states and the Uniformed Services in forming affiliate organizations beginning in early 2009 so they may move forward with affiliation in early 2010.  A key goal for the Subcommittee in this process is to decrease the administrative work of the state volunteers so they can spend their time and energy on the issues important to them at the state and local levels. 
  • Volunteer Structure Subcommittee.  Chaired by Jan Kriebs, CNM, FACNM, this subcommittee will oversee implementation of Bylaws Article XI. The work of the subcommittee is underway with the goal of providing guidance on changes to ACNM volunteer structure under the new Bylaws in early 2009.
  • ACME Subcommittee.  Chaired by Laraine Guyette, PhD CNM FACNM, the work of this subcommittee focused on Bylaws Article XI, particularly changing the name of the ACNM Division of Accreditation to the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education as needed.
  • ACNM Fellows Subcommittee.  Chaired by Joyce Roberts and Mary Ann Shah, this Subcommittee is overseeing the implementation of Article XV of the bylaws.
Bylaws that Work!

Recent events within ACNM have reconfirmed the importance of having good bylaws that can anticipate the needs of the organization, even those needs that seem improbable.  As members are aware, ACNM President Kitty Ernst resigned in mid-November to respond to the needs of her family. The ACNM bylaws provided a clear roadmap that minimized the stress and strain of leadership transition.  We are grateful for the fine craftsmanship of the Bylaws Committee on such an important matter.  Questions, Comments, or Want to Get Involved?

Please contact Lynne Himmelreich at [email protected].


Bylaws Implementation Update
August 2008

Subcommittees are seeking members and reviewers now; sign up at [email protected]

ACNM members resoundingly approved new bylaws in the spring of 2008, clearing the way for improvements in the structure of the College. The bylaws were approved by the membership with a proviso for a two-year implementation (May 2010) for provisions related to the creation of state affiliates and the designation of a student board member.

To guide the implementation of this process, the ACNM Board of Directors has created a Bylaws Implementation Taskforce, chaired by Region V Representative Lynne Himmelreich, Region IV Representative Cathy Collins-Fulea, and ACNM Executive Director Lorrie Kline Kaplan. The Taskforce is being modeled after the Bylaws Revision Workgroup which convened during 2007-2008 to complete the Bylaws revision process. This workgroup was an excellent model of strong volunteer participation and teamwork where all voices came together to produce a final consensus document within established timeframes.

Like the workgroup, the taskforce will include six subcommittees, each representing the major areas within ACNM that are affected by the new bylaws: membership; affiliate development and support; the Board of Directors; volunteer structure; the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME, formerly DOA); and the Fellows.

Each subcommittee Chair is now seeking volunteers to participate as subcommittee members or as reviewer/advisors to serve in a particular area of interest or expertise. We need diverse qualified subcommittee members who will represent the interests of ACNM members and differing points of view. Relevant factors in considering subcommittee member diversity include each member's geographic location, race, ethnicity, gender and employment type or specialty. ALL members are welcome to be reviewer/advisors in the areas of their interest and expertise.

To Sign Up
Please email [email protected], indicating your area of interest. Stay tuned for regular updates on this webpage for updates and opportunities for input.

Bylaws Implementation Taskforce Subcommittees

Membership Subcommittee (Bylaws Article III)
Chair: Brielle Stoyke, CNM
National Office Staff: George Hamilton, Director of Membership
Board Representative: Dawn Durain, CNM, MPH
AMCB Representative: Laraine Guyette
Members at large: Francie Likis, CNM, NP, DrPH

   Julia Kessler, CM

       Royda Ballard, CNM, FACNM

Issue Areas:

  • Dues categories for active members - finished

  • Associate member services -finished

  • Assist Affiliate Development and Support Subcommittee on membership issues - Ongoing

Affiliate Development and Support Subcommittee (Bylaws Article V)

Chair: Lynne Himmelreich, CNM, MPH

National Office Staff: Joanna King, Esq., State Policy Analyst
Members at large: We need members willing to lead each of the areas below as well as other areas identified as we progress. These members will be responsible for gathering input from reviewers/advisors and presenting this input to the Subcommittee with recommendations. We will also need LOTS of reviewer/advisors for each of the areas below.

Issues Areas:

  • Partner Organizations

  • Affiliate Organizations: Development and Support: Regional Representatives to the Board will work with the states in their region to assist in this transition. The Affiliate Support and Development Subcommittee will assist and support the Regional Representatives and state and federal affiliates as needed on the following issues:

    * Bylaws: Andrea Christianson, CNM
    * Membership (working with Membership Subcommittee)
    * Finance: Tanya Tanner
    * Communication/IT: Jennifer Jagger 
    * Leadership: Barbara Hughes
    * Policy: Mary Anne Laffin, CNM, FACNM

Board Changes (Bylaws Articles VI-X)
National Office Staff: Lorrie Kaplan
Members at Large: 

Issue Areas:

  • President Elect - Finished

  • Student Representative - Finished

  • Executive Committee -Finished
  • Board Committee changes- Finished

Volunteer Structure Subcommittee (Bylaws Article XI)
Chair: Jan Kriebs, CNM, FACNM 
National Office Staff: 
BOD Representative: Melissa Avery, CNM, PhD, FACNM
Members at Large:

Issue Areas:

  • Divisions, Sections, Committees and Taskforces

  • Special Interest Groups (will need to propose on a name for these groups)

  • Review of Standing Rules of Procedures (SROPs) for all of the above

ACME (Bylaws Article XI)
Chair: Laraine Guyette 
National Office Staff: Jo Ann Burke, Education Administrative Assistant 
BOD Representative: Melissa Avery, CNM, PhD, FACNM
Members at Large:

Issue Areas: To be determined by ACME

Fellows (Bylaws Article XV)
Co-Chairs: Joyce Roberts and Mary Ann Shaw
National Office Staff: Elaine Germano, CNM, DrPH, FACNM 
BOD Representative: 
Members at Large:

Issue Areas: To be determined by the Fellows


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