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ACME Schedule for Site Visits, Reviews & Third Party Comment Deadlines

Schedule of ACME Site Visits for 2018

Marquette University, October 22-24, 2018 

Schedule of ACME Site Visits for 2019

University of Cincinnati, Spring 2019
University of Colorado, Spring 2019 
University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2019 
Yale University, Fall 2019 
Board of Review Meetings 2019
February 14, 2019
July 2019 (TBA) 
Third Party Comments:
In accordance with ACME Policies and Procedures Manual, and the U.S. Department of Educationís requirements, ACME is seeking written third-party comment concerning the qualifications for accreditation of the following listed midwifery programs. These programs will be reviewed for renewal of accreditation at the February 14, 2019 ACME Board of Review (BOR) meeting. Upon request, comments will be considered confidential. In all instances, your comments must directly relate to the continuing accreditation of a program and the ACME Criteria for Programmatic Accreditation. This document may be found at under ACME Documents. Please cite the particular criterion of concern in your comments. All written comments should be sent to the attention of Heather L. Maurer, ACME Executive Director, [email protected], or mailed to ACME at 8403 Colesville Rd., Suite 1550, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

Midwifery ProgramDegree Type Type of Accreditation
Deadline for Comments 
to be Received for February 14, 2019 
Board of Review Meeting
Marquette University
  • MSN, Post Graduate Certificate
  • AccreditationSeptember 15, 2018


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