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An Overview of ACNM Divisions and Committees

Division Membership

The chairperson of a division is appointed by the president with the approval of the BOD. The term of office, membership requirements, sections, and composition of each division is specified in each Division Standing Rules of Procedure.

Division of Education: Establishes and updates educational resources to facilitate the preparation of nurse-midwives. Determines activities that facilitate competency in the practice of nurse-midwifery and develops criteria that allow an individual to demonstrate such competency. Delineates and implements the process for practicing nurse-midwives to obtain current knowledge and update skills. Includes the following sections: Basic Competency, Continuing Competency, Preceptor Development and Support, Continuing Education, Education Promotion, Policy, and Informatics.

Division of Global Health: The purposes of the Division of Global Health are: 1. To contribute to global efforts to improve the health of women and infants, and 2. To actively participate in the advancement of the profession of midwifery worldwide by enhancing communication, conducting and promoting research, developing educational materials and programs and supporting and interacting with other national midwifery associations throughout the world.  The Division will create and implement strategies for efficient communication mechanisms amongst members interested in global health issues and for approaches to disseminating experiences, results and lessons learned from members’ international work.  The Division shall also provide expertise to the College and the Board in the arena of global health issues, particularly as they pertain to midwifery.

Division of Research: Contributes to the health of women and infants and the advancement of the profession of nurse-midwifery through promotion and participation in the conduct and development of research. Includes the following sections: Research Advisory, Research Development, Networking, International, and Data and Information Management.

Division of Standards and Practice: Provides and promotes development, communication, and review of nurse-midwifery clinical practice. Facilitates efforts to collect, maintain, and distribute information about relevant professional liability matters to members and the public and assists nurse-midwives to understand and minimize the risk of professional liability claims. Builds and supports a grassroots lobbying network in order to successfully influence U.S. maternal-child health policy that will affect CNM practice and the health of women and childbearing families; communicates to the ACNM BOD the legislative needs of CNMs practicing under varied state laws; and develops educational resources for the ACNM membership which will build skills in the areas of a) changing health policy, b) developing economically stable practices, and c) promoting public awareness of nurse-midwifery. Includes the following sections Clinical Practice, Standards and Practice Documents, Home Birth, Quality Improvement, Professional Liability,  and Business.

Committee Membership

In general, any ACNM active member may be considered for membership on a committee. The chairperson of each committee is appointed by the president for a term of three years. The section and committee members are appointed by the chairperson to serve one or two three-year terms. The exception is the Nominating Committee, whose members are elected by the membership for one three-year term and whose chairperson is elected by the committee members. The Bylaws also permit the board of directors to create such ad hoc committees as are necessary to carry out special projects pertaining to the College.

Archives: Maintains and preserves material of historical significance to the College for reference by members, midwifery students, and individual researchers approved by the Board.

Bylaws: Facilitates the work of the ACNM and maintains congruence with the Bylaws of the College by review of: College Standing Rules of Procedure, Chapter Standing Rules of Procedure, proposed bylaw amendments, and other documents as requested by the ACNM Board of Directors.

Committee for the Advancement of Midwifery Practice: To strengthen the profession of midwifery in the United States through various means, including, but not limited to, assisting midwives to establish Boards of Midwifery and establish mechanisms for licensure of certified midwives (CMs) in their states. The goal of these activities is to support midwifery as a distinct profession, to open the profession to more individuals of diverse backgrounds, and to encourage more individuals to become credentialed as CNMs/CMs, thus leading to a greater number of practicing CNMs/CMs.

Ethics Committee: Promotes and facilitates the efforts of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) to be responsive to the ethical dimensions of the midwifery profession. 

Government Affairs Committee: Serves as a forum for policy coordination from the divisions and develop strategies to carry out the implementation of political and economic policies related to midwifery practice and women’s health. In addition, the Government Affairs Committee will coordinate the mobilization of grassroots efforts of the membership and to implement appropriate strategies through political action.

Midwives of Color Committee: Recruits and retains persons of diverse ethnic/cultural backgrounds to the profession of midwifery, provides educational preparation to the ACNM membership which will develop respect for cultural variations, and increases awareness and responsiveness among the ACNM membership to maternal-child health care issues affecting people of color.

Midwives-PAC: The Midwives-PAC is a political action committee formed by ACNM in 2000 for the purpose of soliciting voluntary contributions from ACNM members that can be distributed strategically as campaign contributions to federal legislators. Its mission is toraise the voice of midwifery in Congress by supporting federal legislators who have demonstrated an understanding, interest, and commitment to the views, goals, and initiatives of our membership organization.

Nominating Committee: Ensures the conduct of legal and proper nominations of officers and other elective positions designated by the Bylaws. Nominating Committee positions are elected by membership vote. 

Program Committee: Plans and coordinates the program for the Annual Meeting of the College.

Publications Committee: Works closely with staff on planning development of content for books and other information resources (other than ACNM clinical bulletins and position statements). 

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