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ACNM Affiliate Officers Directory

Alaska State Affiliate

President - Whitney Miller CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Yolanda Meza CNM, MS [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Zelda Collett-Paule CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Laura Long Sarcone CNM [[email protected]]

Alabama State Affiliate

President - Donna Dunn PhD, CNM, FNP [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Sheila Lopez CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Melissa Hatter CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Cherise Fretwell CNM, FNP-C [[email protected]]
Membership, Marketing and Media Chair - Andrea Reese RN-BSN [[email protected]]

Arkansas State Affiliate

President - Rebecca Fay DNP, CNM, WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Rebecca Fay DNP, CNM, WHNP-BC [[email protected]]

Arizona State Affiliate

Vice-President - Donna Barisich CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Katherine Puls CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Emily Tarazi CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Joan Phillips CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Ramona Joseph CNM [[email protected]]
Co-President - Monica Kainz CNM [[email protected]]
Co-President - Janice Bovee CNM, MSN [[email protected]]
Member - Susan Yount CNM WHNP PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Member - Kathryn Schrag CNM, FNP [[email protected]]
Member - Rebecca Freeman CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Gretchen Scott CNM [[email protected]]

California Nurse-Midwives Association

President - Rebecca Garrett-Brown CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Kathleen M. Belzer CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Mary Phillips CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Kavita Noble CNM [[email protected]]
Regional Representative - Candice Becker-Schwarm CNM MPH [[email protected]]
Regional Representative - Sheri Matteo CNM [[email protected]]
Regional Representative - Emily Beck CNM MS [[email protected]]
Regional Representative - Monica Viera CNM, WHNP, MSN [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Kim Dau CNM, MS [[email protected]]
Regional Representative - Jocelyn Hart CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Membership Chair - Mary Farrell CNM [[email protected]]

Colorado State Affiliate

President - Elisa L. Patterson CNM [[email protected]]
President - Jessica Anderson CNM MSN WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Tracy Ryan CNM, MS [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Aubre Tompkins CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Terra Kennedy CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Jennifer G. Hensley CNM WHNP EdD [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Kate Koschoreck CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Shaunette Meyer CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Gretchen Scott CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Jeanne Bair CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Elisa L. Patterson CNM [[email protected]]
Member - Martine Tesone CNM [[email protected]]
Member - Sarah Scott CNM MS [[email protected]]

Connecticut State Affiliate

President - Polly Moran CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Stephanie Welsh CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Sivan Doron CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Richard Jennings CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Co-Secretary - Jenna LoGiudice CNM, PhD [[email protected]]
Co-Secretary - Claudia Bradley CNM [[email protected]]

District of Columbia State Affiliate

President - Dorothy Lee CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Teresa W. Marchese CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Karen Pelote CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Mayri Leslie CNM MSN EdD [[email protected]]

Delaware State Affiliate

President - Elizabeth Sushereba CNM, MSN [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Kathleen McCarthy CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Lindsay Robinson CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Marley Mitchell CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Sandra Elliott CNM MSN [[email protected]]

Florida State Affiliate

President - Mary Kay Miller CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Secretary - Christine Johnson-Hackshaw CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Mary Kaye Collins CNM, JD, LLM, FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Mary Kay Miller CNM MSN [[email protected]]

Georgia State Affiliate

President - Eileen Thrower PhD, APRN, CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Alexis Dunn PhD, CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Vanessa Treaster CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Kaprice Welsh CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Nicole Carlson CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Sarah Owens CNM MPH [[email protected]]

Hawaii State Affiliate

President - Maureen Shannon CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Annette Manant CNM, PhD, APRN [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Joan Thompson CNM [[email protected]]

Iowa State Affiliate

President - Martha Goedert CNM, FNP PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Leilani Hall CNM []
Secretary - Alice C May CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Dawn Heaberlin CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Lynne Himmelreich CNM MPH FACNM [[email protected]]

Idaho State Affiliate

President - Hannah Underdahl CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Margaret Widener CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Helene Reusser CNM [[email protected]]

Indian Health Service/Tribal Affiliate

President - Brittany Simplicio CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Madeline Powers CNM [[email protected]]

Illinois State Affiliate

President - Gayle Riedmann CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Cheryl J. Moran CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Past President - Sabina Dambrauskas CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Committee - Elizabeth Gabzdyl CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Cheryl J. Moran CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Chair - Barbara Havens CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Webmaster - Debbie Boucher CNM [[email protected]]
Corresponding Secretary - Amy Burgess MSN CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Committee - Mary Rigoni CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - Mary Leung RN [[email protected]]

Indiana State Affiliate

President - Stephanie VanderHorst CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Victoria Floyd CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Shannon Markle MSN, CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Amanda Ball CNM [[email protected]]

Kansas State Affiliate

President - Crystal Murphy APRN, CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Karen "Kelly" Fritz CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Barbara Parker CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Kimberly Keen CNM ARNP [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Jaime Thompson CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Justine Flory CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Kendra Wyatt BSIE [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Sharon Foster CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Sharon Foster CNM [[email protected]]

Kentucky State Affiliate

President - Damara Jenkins CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Robin Centner CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Mary Akers CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Mary Akers CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]

Louisiana State Affiliate

President - Katherine Paxton CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Amanda Lewis CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Lillian Funke CNM MPH [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Mary Alice DeCoursey CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Esther DeJong CNM [[email protected]]

Massachusetts State Affiliate

President - Katherine Rushfirth CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Ruth Peterle-Dzurec CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Lillian Siegel CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Linda Dorflinger CNM [[email protected]]
Co-Affiliate Legislative Chair - Kathryn Carr CNM, MSN, FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Committee - Julie Paul CNM, DNP, FACNM [[email protected]]
Membership, Marketing and Media Chair - Esther Hausman CNM MPH [[email protected]]
Affiliate Communications Chair - Soledad Brittany Diaz MSN, CNM [[email protected]]
Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair (MOCC) - Joelle Leacock CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - Ritamarie Testa RN, BSN [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Committee - Michele Helgeson CNM [[email protected]]
Co-Affiliate Legislative Chair - Katharine Green CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Committee - Jean MacBarron CNM MPH [[email protected]]

Maryland State Affiliate

President - Colleen Kennedy CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Nicole Warren CNM PhD MPH [[email protected]]
Secretary - Jeanne Murphy CNM, PhD [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Rhea Williams CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Jan Kriebs CNM FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Erin Wright CNM, APHN-BC, DNP [[email protected]]

Maine State Affiliate

President - Nancy Green CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Dolores Carbonneau MSN, CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Emilie Garcia CNM [[email protected]]

Michigan State Affiliate

President - Emily Dove-Medows CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Carolyn Leja MS, CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Angela Foster CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Ericka Vander Sys DNP, CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Kathleen Lavery MS CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Kathleen Moriarty CNM PhD FACNM CAFCI [[email protected]]
Past President - Ruth Zielinski CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Nancy Renn-Bugai CNM, DNP [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Moira Tannenbaum CNM IBCLC [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Joanna Kuklinsky CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Megan Danielson CNM [[email protected]]

Minnesota State Affiliate

Vice-President - Melissa Saftner PhD, CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Brie Zillhardt DNP, CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Emily Fitzgerald CNM [[email protected]]
Co-President - Jessica Holm APRN, CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Communications Chair - Emily Fitzgerald CNM [[email protected]]
Federal Legislative Chair - Cheryl Heitkamp APRN, CNM, MS [[email protected]]
Co-President - Carrie Neerland MS, APRN, CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Melissa Saftner PhD, CNM [[email protected]]

Missouri State Affiliate

President - Diane Utz CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Jessica Henman MSN CNM CPM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Caitlin Madison CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Nichole Howe CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Diane Utz CNM [[email protected]]

Mississippi State Affiliate

President - Cynthia Cran Odom MSN, CNM, FNP-C [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Kate Fouquier PhD, RN, CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Katie Hill MSN, CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Cathy G. Williamson CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Victoria Burslem CNM MSN FACNM [[email protected]]

Montana State Affiliate

Secretary - Jana Sund CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Jeanne Hebl CNM [[email protected]]

North Carolina State Affiliate

President - Suzanne Wertman CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Nona Smith CNM, MSN [[email protected]]
Secretary - Carey Jefferson MSN, CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Kathryn Calvillo CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Lisa Ross CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Pamela Reis CNM, PhD, NNP-BC [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Chair - Rebecca Bagley CNM DNP [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - K. Olivia Marshburn CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Margaret Marsden CNM [[email protected]]

North Dakota State Affiliate

President - Erica Riordan CNM [[email protected]]

Nebraska State Affiliate

President - Jenda Stauffer CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Latrice Martin CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Amanda Lura CNM [[email protected]]

New Hampshire State Affiliate

President - Miriam Cordell CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Tracey Bowman CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Meghan Stringer CNM, WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Susan Dow Johnson CNM [[email protected]]

New Jersey State Affiliate

President - Linda Locke CNM,MPH,LSW,FACNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Gale Louise Aucott CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Marietta Cahill CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Waverly Lutz CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Lonnie Morris CNM ND FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Membership Chair - Barbara Lutz CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Chair - Grace Fimbel CNM [[email protected]]
Member - Jennifer Santos CNM [[email protected]]

New Mexico State Affiliate

Secretary - Susan Akins CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Amy Levi CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
State Affiliate Legislative Chair - Alexandra Schott CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Federal Affiliate Legislative Chair - Nancy Brannin CNM [[email protected]]
Co-President - Felina Ortiz CNM [[email protected]]
Co-President - Mary Rose Korduner CNM, MS, SANE-A/P [[email protected]]

Nevada State Affiliate

President - Denise Rubinfeld CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Janice Enriquez CNM, WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Secretary - Lynn Anderson CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Lynn Anderson CNM [[email protected]]

New York State Affiliate (NYSALM)

President - Karen Jefferson LM, CM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Sascha James-Conterelli DNP,CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Paulomi Niles CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Patricia Burkhardt CM LM DrPH FACNM [[email protected]]
Insurance Committee Chair - Elizabeth Cooper CNM EdD FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Communications Chair - Nancy Kraus CNM [[email protected]]
Federal Affiliate Legislative Chair - Kathleen Dermady CNM MS, DNP [[email protected]]
Program Committee - Susanrachel B. Condon CNM [[email protected]]
Finance Committee Chair - Ann Visser CNM [[email protected]]
Quality Assurance Committee - Katherine Timmermann Finn MS, LM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Committee - Paulomi Niles CNM [[email protected]]
IMPACT Committee chair - Lillian Dalke LM, CM [[email protected]]
Co-Chair Diversity and Inclusion Committee - Rachel Ritter CM [[email protected]]
Past President - Patricia Burkhardt CM LM DrPH FACNM [[email protected]]
State Affiliate Legislative Chair - Patricia Burkhardt CM LM DrPH FACNM [[email protected]]
Co-Chair Diversity and Inclusion Committee - [[email protected]]
Affiliate Membership Chair - Trinisha Williams LM, CM, MPH, LCCE [[email protected]]

Ohio State Affiliate

President - Pamela Hetrick CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Ann Marie Konkoly CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Anne Erickson CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Andrea Cooper CNM [[email protected]]
NW Member - Debra Newton CNM [[email protected]]
NE Member - Desiree Blake CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - Samantha Buckholtz Student [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - Javonne Woodland BSN, RN [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - Susan Barton RN [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Darla Baker MS, APRN-CNM [[email protected]]

Oklahoma State Affiliate

Vice-President - Lenora Nepper CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Mary Bohan CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Carla May APRN-CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Membership Chair - Diane Day CNM [[email protected]]

Oregon State Affiliate

President - Reb Huggins CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Helene Rippey CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Deborah Duran-Snell CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Koren Corbett CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Diana Louise Smith CNM, WHNP [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Committee - Ashley Ulmer CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Laura Jenson CNM, MPH, CPH, MS [[email protected]]

Pennsylvania State Affiliate

President - Emily McGahey CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Amanda Shafton CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Elizabeth Parr CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Melicia Escobar MSN, CNM, WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Julie Cristol CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Nominating Chair - Nancy Niemczyk CNM PhD [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Dana Perlman ,CNM, MSN [[email protected]]
BOD Liaison - Victoria Ferguson MSN, CNM [[email protected]]
BOD Liaison - Lauren Narbey MSc RN [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - Megan Weimer BSN [[email protected]]

Puerto Rico State Affiliate

President - Trina E. Calderon CNM [[email protected]]

Rhode Island State Affiliate

President - Michelle Palmer CNM MSN [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Chelsea Shea CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Willa Campbell CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Fiona Clement CNM [[email protected]]

South Carolina State Affiliate

President - Linda George CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Janet Goff CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Erin Stein MSN, CNM, WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Director-at-Large - Sharon Bond CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Membership Chair - Lina Wood CNM [[email protected]]
Director-at-Large - Barbara Davenport CNM [[email protected]]

South Dakota State Affiliate

President - Susan Rooks CNM, MPH [[email protected]]
Secretary - Karen Pettigrew CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Chelsea Iversen CNM [[email protected]]

Tennessee State Affiliate

President - Joanne Tennyson CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Tonia Moore-Davis PhD(c), CNM, FACNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Susan Salazar CNM PhD [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Susan Lewis CNM, MSN [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Lisa Vance CNM [[email protected]]
At Large Rep - Elizabeth Munoz CNM [[email protected]]

Texas State Affiliate

President - Niessa Meier CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Christine Stuart DNP, CNM,WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Secretary - Samantha Eubanks BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Silvia Esparza CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Erin Biscone CNM, DNP [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Amy Beckmann CNM [[email protected]]

Uniformed Services Affiliate

President - Christine Larson CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Kristi Norcross CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Alexandra Michel CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Alexandra Michel CNM [[email protected]]

Utah State Affiliate

President - Jacqueline Lagana CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Christina Elmore CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Sarah Hagen CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Mary Kaye Reynolds CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Gwen Latendresse PhD, CNM, FACNM [[email protected]]

Virginia State Affiliate

President - Jessica Jordan CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Leslie Fehan CNM, WHNP-BC [[email protected]]
Secretary - Kathleen Page CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Erin Baird CNM [[email protected]]
President Elect - Amber Price CNM DNP [[email protected]]
CME Event Planning Chair - Kathleen Page CNM [[email protected]]
Nominating & Bylaws Chair - Alexandria Westlake CNM [[email protected]]
Public Relations & Publicity Chair - Nancy Byrne RN [[email protected]]
Marketing Chair - Nancy Byrne RN [[email protected]]
Affiliate Membership Chair - Leah Miller CNM [[email protected]]
State Affiliate Legislative Chair - Mary Ellen Bouchard CNM MS [[email protected]]

U.S. Virgin Islands State Affiliate

Primary Contact - Shannan Calhoon CNM [[email protected]]

Vermont State Affiliate

President - Kristen Purchase Werner CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Alison Wurst CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Tanya Waters CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Krista Nickerson CNM [[email protected]]

Washington State Affiliate

President - Terri Clark CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Robin Reed CNM, ARNP, IBCLC [[email protected]]
Secretary - Judy Lazarus CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Elise Fogel CNM, ARNP [[email protected]]
Affiliate Student Representative - Anya Klooster RN, BSN, SNM [[email protected]]

Wisconsin State Affiliate

President - Elizabeth Hill-Karbowski PhD, CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - MaryAnne Scherer CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Tonia Badura MSN, CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Leona VandeVusse CNM PhD [[email protected]]
Federal Affiliate Legislative Chair - Kathryn Harrod CNM PhD FACNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Chair - Leona VandeVusse CNM PhD [[email protected]]

West Virginia State Affiliate

President - Gail Rock CNM [[email protected]]
Vice-President - Beth Ross CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Moira Tannenbaum CNM IBCLC [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Nannette Jenkins CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Stacey Haynes Archer CNM [[email protected]]
Affiliate Legislative Co-Chair - Angelita Nixon CNM FACNM [[email protected]]

Wyoming State Affiliate

President - Jeanne Peterson CNM [[email protected]]
Secretary - Heidi Stearns CNM [[email protected]]
Treasurer - Sharae Bischoff MSN, APRN-CNM, CLC [[email protected]]

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