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Affiliate Membership Officer Resources

Membership Recruiting, Retention and Engagement Toolkit

It is highly recommended that each affiliate appoint or elect a membership chair who could in turn form a membership committee to track the affiliate's membership roster. Most importantly, to reach out an welcome new members and get them involved, communicate with members about ways to get involved in affiliate programs, and remind members to renew their membership. The committee can also collaborate with HQ on recruiting campaigns to non-members. ACNM has developed an Affiliate Membership Toolkit to assist affiliate leaders in recruiting and retaining members. We hope with a dual effort by the national office and the affiliates, we will all be successful with increasing our membership.

Most of the items in the affiliate membership toolkit below can be modified so each affiliate can include their affiliate-specific information.


Membership Recruiting Video

PowerPoint presentation aimed at potential members; includes update on ACNM activities

PowerPoint presentation aimed at potential student members

Telephone Recruiting Script

On-Boarding and Engaging Your New Members

Welcome Plan for the affiliates to consider implementing

Welcome Letter Template - welcome new members to your affiliate

Retaining and Reengaging Your Members

Letter to lapsed members, encouraging them to rejoin

Lapsed Member Calling Script

Membership Brochures

We are excited to announce new membership brochures for affiliates to download and print. There are three different versions, and one version allows for the affiliate to include specific contact information. The brochures are set to print on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and are available for download.

Download this version here.

Download this version here.

This version allows for affiliate-specific information to be added on the bottom of the brochure.
Download this version here.

Affiliate Portal

Are you communicating effectively with your affiliate members? It is crucial that affiliates maintain a regular flow of communication with their members, both to keep them in the loop with what is going on within the affiliate and to ensure that they feel included in the organization. Remember, many of these members were never chapter members before and affiliate membership is new to them. The ACNM Affiliate Portal provides affiliate officers with the up-to-date member information necessary to facilitate these communications.

Access the Affiliate Portal, where you can look up, download, and save data about your affiliate, by logging in to at the top of the page using your username and password. Once you have successfully logged in, click "Edit My Profile." This takes you to a page that displays information about the affiliate. The link for the Affiliate Portal is along the right hand side of the page. Reports available to be run include:
  • Excel file of all current affiliate members including names, contact information, and membership data (click Export to CSV File in the Reports section and then click the Create Report button)
  • Affiliate Dues Remit reports for affiliate Treasurers
  • Pre-formatted PDF mailing labels
  • PDF member rosters

Hint: To produce Export to CSV or Label reports that include all affiliate members do not make any selections in the Membership Category selection area. Only make selections in this area to exclude all unselected categories.

The affiliate portal allows you to modify the reports generated to get the exact information you need.

Enrollment Dates
To help you identify and connect with new members of your affiliate, we have added an Enrollment Date range report modifier. You can now select the type of report you would like to run, enter in a range of dates in the Enrollment Date boxes and select Create Report. The report generated will only be those members that are new to ACNM and new to your affiliates within the specified date range.

This report will give you the opportunity to reach out and welcome the new members to the affiliate, alert them to upcoming events and tell them of the different ways they can become involved in the affiliate. Reaching out to the members, especially new members, is the first step in engaging them.

Change of Address
Many of our affiliates use the membership reports generated from the affiliate portal to map which legislative district the member lives in to help forward legislation. This can be extremely time-consuming. We have added a column to the CSV report that now includes the date the address was modified. As a leader, you can sort the spreadsheet and see only those that have moved. It is our hopes that this will make mapping legislative districts with members much easier!

Membership Category
We updated the membership category list so you can run different reports which can include specific member types. Want to send something to just the student members in your affiliate? Simply click the type of report you want to run, then under Membership Category, select ?student? and the report generated will contain only students. Want to run a list of ALL members in your affiliate? You can either leave the Membership Category list blank, or hold down the CTRL key and select them all. Either way will generate the information you are looking for.

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