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Affiliate Strategic Planning
Affiliate Meetings
Affiliate Listserv
Creating an Online Presence

Resources for Virtual Meetings

Affiliate Newsletters

Affiliate Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a process in which an organization sets priorities, focuses energy resources, develops the goals of the organization and measures your success. 

ACNM has developed introductory guides to assist affiliate leaders with their strategy planning. These guides are useful to affiliates just beginning the process as well as affiliates that want to formalize their work already in progress.


Affiliate Meetings

Affiliate meetings are some of the best ways to engage your members and strengthen your community. A lot of work goes into the planning and execution of your successful meeting, so to help you out, we've pulled together some suggestions that will help take the stress out of meeting planning.


Affiliate Listserv

ACNM is dedicated to providing affiliates with services that enhance their ability to connect and communicate with members to build an active and engaged affiliate. ACNM is pleased to offer two types of e-Midwife discussion listservs for each ACNM affiliate.

All Member Listserv

The first listserv is made up of all current affiliate members with email addresses listed in their ACNM membership record. To send a message to the affiliate discussion listserv, a list member simply needs to send an email addressed to the list from the email account that is on file in their ACNM membership record. The email address to send messages to the all members discussion list for your affiliate is your state?s postal abbreviation [email protected])


Affiliate Officers Listserv

The second discussion list is an affiliate officer discussion listserv. This listserv is populated with all the officers currently listed for the affiliate and again, this list will update daily to pick up any changes to the affiliates officers. The email address for the officer discussion list simply adds ??officers? to the address of the all members discussion list.


Please click on the link to find additional information about accessing the listservs and general guidelines for use. e-Midwife Listserv.

Creating an Online Presence


Having a website can help you communicate with the affiliate members and the public.This will help with engagement and involvement of the members in the affiliate.ACNM is pleased to offer free web hosting for affiliate websites (also known as ?micro-sites?).


To learn more about the micro-sites, please click here to read about the features and training available through ACNM or check out our template affiliate micro-site. There are many options available when using the micro-sites, including color schemes and the menu of content, so each micro-site will be individual.


Branding the Affiliate

It is important that all of the communications to members have the same look and feel so that members can easily recognize that it is from the affiliate. If your affiliate does not have a logo, ACNM has one developed that incorporates the ACNM logo and is available to all affiliates. If you are interested in using the ACNM affiliate logo, please complete the Affiliate Logo Use Agreement.

Social Media
Affiliates may choose to have an presence on Social Media in addition to a website. This is another tool to help communicate with your members and the general public about the Affiliate and midwifery.

ACNM has developed "Social Media Basics" to introduce affiliates to Social Media and help you get started. If you have any questions surrounding Social Media, please contact the ACNM Communications department.

Resources for Virtual Meetings

Today's technology offers affiliates the opportunity for affiliate leaders and/or members to connect over long distances via teleconference or webinar. ACNM can offer assistance with holding a webinar though Go-to-Meeting. Complete the Go-to-Meeting webinar request form and return to [email protected]. If you don't need full webinar capabilities and a teleconference will suffice, you can register for a free conference line from a provider such as

For additional information on how your affiliate can hold effective virtual meetings at no cost, please visit ACNM's Teleconference & Webinar Best Practices.

Questions? Want to set up a GoToMeeting Webinar for your affiliate? E-mail [email protected]

Affiliate Newsletters

A newsletter is a great way to communicate with the members in your affiliate. In the spirit of sharing and stimulating discussion within and among affiliates, check out the newsletter from CNMA, the California Affiliate of ACNM!

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