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Leaders in Midwifery Community Recognized at ACNM’s 61st Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM


May 31, 2016

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American College of Nurse-Midwives Honors Leaders of Midwifery Community

Silver Spring, MD ? Midwives and other health care clinicians were honored with awards in various categories on May 26, 2016 at the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) 60th Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Award winners are chosen by ACNM and by the A.C.N.M. Foundation.

The 2016 Award Winners are:

Hattie Hemschemeyer Award

The Hattie Hemschemeyer Award, named in honor of ACNM?s first president and a pioneer of the profession, is ACNM?s most prestigious award and is given annually to an ACNM member who has been certified for at least 10 years and has made continuous outstanding and/or historically significant contributions to midwifery, ACNM, and/or maternal child health.


Holly Powell Kennedy

Kitty Ernst Award

The Kitty Ernst Award, affectionately known as the ?Young Whippersnapper Award,? is named after the College?s fourth and youngest president, and one of its most dynamic living legends. The Kitty Ernst Award was established in 1998 to honor an ACNM member who has been certified for less than 10 years and has demonstrated innovative, creative endeavors in clinical practice, education, administration, or research relating to midwifery and women?s health.


Maj Elizabeth Nutter

Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes a CNM/CM or other professional for an unusual and exemplary effort in the field of community service, innovation in midwifery practice, education, or research.


Maude Callen

Jan Krebs

Denise McLauglin

Martha Rode

Outstanding Preceptor Award


Robin Aftuck, CNM

Amanda St. Aubin, CNM

Beth Bary, CNM

Michelle Chiafulio, CM

Marcia Ensminger, CNM

Janet Fedullo, CNM

Claudia Gerard, CNM

Rachel Graber, CNM

Andrea Hiles, CNM

Lucia Jenkusky, CNM

Ann Konkoly, CNM

Debra Lowrance, CNM

Pamela Madden, CNM

Deena Mallareddy, CNM

Sukdai Mangru, CNM

Lisa Modell, CNM

Maggie Pastarr, CNM

Caroline Paster, CM

Jaime Pickering, CNM

Carleen Poellinger, CNM

Lynn Rife, CNM

Kate Robinson, CNM

Janine Sayles, CNM

Lori Sherman, CNM

Michelle Telfer, CNM

Cathy Vaux, CNM

Stacy Wilson, CNM

Excellence in Teaching Award


Sukey Krause, CNM

Debora Dole, CNM

Juliana Van Olfen-Fehr, CNM

BArbara J. Reale, CNM

Kate Woeber, CNM

Tonia Moore-Davis, CNM

L.Kim Baraona, CNM

Liz Niederegger, CNM

Elizabeth Gabzdyl, CNM

Kate Harrod, CNM

Barbara Overman, CNM

Christina Elmore, CNM

Jenna Shaw-Battista, CNM

Fellow Award


Megan Arbour, CNM, MS, PhD

Rebeca Barroso, CNM, PhD, DNP

Kathryn Carr, CNM, MSN

Andrea Christianson, CNM, MS

Jenifer O. Fahey, CNM, MSN, MSPH

Sharon L. Holley, CNM, DNP

Maria Christina Johnson, CNM, MS

Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon, CNM, PhD

Linda Locke, CNM, MPH, LSW

Patricia O. Loftman, CNM, LM, MS

Denise McLaughlin, CNM, MPH

Gretchen Mettler, CNM, PhD

Tonia L. Moore-Davis, CNM, PhD(c)

Robin Neumeier, CNM, MSN

Tonya Nicholson, CNM, DNP, WHNP-BC

Angelita Nixon, CNM, MSN, APRN

Julie Paul, CNM, DNP

Jenna Shaw-Battista, CNM, PhD, NP

Letitia Sullivan, CNM, MS

Barbara A. Winningham, CNM, WHNP-BC, DNP

Public Policy Award


Angy Nixon

Media Award


Christy Turlington Burns

Best Book of the Year Award


A History of Midwifery in the United States: The Midwife Said Fear Not

Helen Varney Burst

Joyce E. Thompson

Exemplary Affiliate Award


Alabama State Affiliate of ACNM

Maine State Affiliate of ACNM

New Mexico State Affiliate of ACNM

Ohio State Affiliate of ACNM

Virginia State Affiliate of ACNM

Wisconsin State Affiliate of ACNM

Uniformed Services State Affiliate of ACNM

2016 Awards and Scholarships ?The A.C.N.M. Foundation, Inc.

Dorothea M. Lang Pioneer Award

This award honors midwifery?s ?unsung heroes? who have demonstrated pioneering vision and innovative leadership. Award winners are exceptional CNMs or CMs who are members of ACNM, have been certified for at least 10 years, and have not previously received the Hattie Hemschemeyer Award. The Lang Award is aptly named for Dorothea M. Lang, CNM, MPH, FACNM ? past-president of ACNM and the A.C.N.M. Foundation, whose visionary leadership has advanced the profession of midwifery in countless ways.


Susan A. DeJoy, CNM, MSN, PhD, FACNM

Carol A.L. Howe, CNM, DNSc, FACNM, FAAN

Kay D. Sedler, CNM-ret, MN, FACNM

Bonnie Westenberg Pedersen International Midwife Award:

Given in memory of Bonnie Pedersen CNM to enable an outstanding international midwife to attend the ACNM Annual Meeting as our honored guest.This award recognizes the exemplary leadership of the awardee in advancing maternal and child health and midwifery, thereby assuring safe births for mothers and babies in their home country.


Bupe Mwamba, Nurse and Midwife, Zambia

Therese Dondero Memorial Lecture


Mary Ellen Stanton, CNM, MSN, FACNM

Louis M. Hellman Midwifery Partnership Award


John W. Larsen, Jr. MD, George Washington University

A.C.N.M. Foundation Graduate Education Fellowship


Carrie E. Neerland, MS, APRN, CNM, PhD candidate, University of Minnesota, School of Nursing

W. Newton Long Award


Martha Goedert, CNM, FNP, PhD, FACNM

Basic Midwifery Scholarships


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care Scholarship

Stephanie Estes, SNM (Johns Hopkins University/Shenandoah University)

Midwives of Color-Watson Scholarship

Stacie Walker, SNM (Shenandoah University)

Ebony Simpson, SNM (Frontier Nursing University)

Essence Williams, SNM (Frontier Nursing University)

The Edith B. Wonnell CNM Scholarship

Jennifer Neczypor, SNM (Vanderbilt University)

A.C.N.M. Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Cynthia Stoffel, SNM (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Christine Nuger CNM Memorial Scholarship

Allison Lawrence, SNM (Yale University)

Varney Participant Award


Stephanie Estes, SNM (Johns Hopkins / Shenandoah University)

Leah Rashidyan, SNM (San Diego State University)

Carrington-Hsia-Nieves Doctoral Scholarship for Midwives of Color

Karline Wilson-Mitchell, CNM, RM, MSN,DNP (Frontier Nursing University)

Midwifery Legacies Project 20th Century Student Interview Awards


1st Place: Caroline Reid, SNM (Vanderbilt University)

2nd Place: Rose Fisher, SNM (Frontier Nursing University)

3rd Place: Jennifer Neczypor, SNM (Vanderbilt University)

Honorable Mention:

Sharon Bates King (Vanderbilt University)

Emilee Head Lazo (Vanderbilt University)

Rebecca Soderlind Rice (Vanderbilt University)

A.C.N.M. Foundation Staff Appreciation Award


Salvador Chairez

Ray Allen

Kiev Martin

Foundation Leadership Development Award:

Thacher Fellowships (late 2015) **


Colleen Brezine, CNM, MSN

Beth N. Carlson, CNM, MSN

Adelicia Graham, CNM, FNPc, MSN

Thanh-Xuan Le, CNM, WHNP, MSN

Sheri Matteo, CNM, MSN

Patricia Scane, CNM, MS

Thacher Community Grants *


Karla Benzyl, MD (Fall, 2015)

Martine Jean-Baptiste, CNM (Fall, 2015)

Nancy Comello, CNM (Spring, 2016)

Susan Kamin, CNM (Spring, 2016)

* Supported by the Frances T. Thacher Midwifery Leadership Endowment

** Supported by the Frances T. Thacher Midwifery Leadership Endowment with matching funds from the Midwifery Business Network (MBN).


For more information, please contact Ashley West, ACNM media relations & social media specialist 240-485-1856 or via email at [email protected].

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