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Education Sessions

Below is a preliminary list of confirmed education sessions. We'll announce more sessions as they are confirmed and provide a complete schedule with speakers, dates, and times soon! 

A Heart to Heart Talk: Care for Self and Women You Serve

After the Pap; Midwives Screening, Diagnosing, and Treating Cervical Dysplasia

An Integrative Approach to Preconception Care and Fertility Promotion

Assessing Advantages by Using the Advantage List: Forming the Problem List Is Only Half the Job

Beyond the Four Principles: Ethics Education in Midwifery

Cervical Ripening Balloon: Evidence for Safety in Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

Clinical Strategies for Helping Mothers with Low Milk Volume

Compassion in Maternal Health: The Missing Link in the Discourse on Quality and Satisfaction

Documentation When the Going Gets Rough

Early Pregnancy Loss: Connecting in a Large Midwifery Practice

From Medically Centered to Family Centered: A Community Hospital's Path to Improved Maternity Care

Get Involved! Nuts and Bolts of Midwifery Advocacy

Health Care for the Transgender and Nonbinary Individual

HPV Cancer prevention, the New 9 Valent HPV Vaccine, and Where We Go from Here

Hypothyroidism in Women

Identifying Antepartum Risk factors for Shoulder Dystocia

Improving competence in Sexual Health Care: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Online Sexual Health Course

Integration of the Maternal Health Care System: Building Bridges for Transfer Between Home, Birth Centers, and Hospitals

Intrapartum Care of the Obese Woman: New Research Findings

Labor Patterns and Birth Outcomes Following Spontaneous Labor Onset Based on ACOG/SMFM, Friedman, and NICE Active Labor Determination Strategies

Maternity Outcomes in Manitoba Women: A Comparison between Midwifery-led Care and Physician-led Care

Midwife Provision of Abortion in International Settings: Comparing Domestic and International Settings

Midwifery at the Edge of Viability: Midwives, Extreme Prematurity, and Conflicts of Cultures, Ethics, and Values

Midwifery Clinical Simulation Skills Training: Best Practices and Pearls of Wisdom

Midwifery Work Force Data: A Tool for Legislative Change

Mindfulness Training for Childbirth as Primary Prevention: Life Skills for Expectant Women, Families, and the Midwife

Mother-infant Group Care in the Vulnerable Postpartum Year: CenteringParenting

Moving Mountains for Maternal Health: Eliminating Barriers to Utilization of Midwives

NARM's Midwifery Bridge Certificate

Native American Midwifery: Our Past, Present, and Future

Navigating the Co-Sleeping Relationship in an Anti Co-Sleeping Environment

New Graduate Orientation: Survival and Success in the First Year of Practice

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: How to Diagnose GDM when the Rules Keep Changing!

OPPE or FPPE: Assessing Competent Midwifery Care

Oral Health Matters: Assessment and Management Strategies for Women's Health Care.

Pelvic Floor Control: Experiences with Urinary Incontinence during Pregnancy and Postpartum Periods

Planning for Success: Tips on Structuring and Managing Advocacy Campaigns

Pregnancy Related Stroke

Protecting the Microbiome: Emerging Treatments for Vaginitis and Urinary Tract Infections

Quality Improvement Panel: Midwifery-led Rapid Cycle Improvement

Serious Games are Serious Fun: Maternity Clinic Game Learning

Shared Decision Making, Risk Assessment, and Maternal Autonomy: A Critical Review of the Evidence for TOLAC at Home and in Birth Centers

State Legislative Update

Substance Abuse Disorders in Pregnant and Parenting Women: Multidimensional Approach and Community Support for a Major Public Health Problem

Substance Abuse Screening and Brief Interventions: An Introduction to Interprofessional Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in Women's Health and Prenatal Care

Sunshine Vitamin in Pregnancy: What does the Evidence Tell Us?

Supporting the Microbiome in Maternal and Neonatal Health

The American Midwifery Certification Board and Professional Discipline

The Art and Science of Peer Review for Refereed Journals

The Effects of Oral Contraceptive Pills on Sexual Pain and Dysfunction

The Impact of Domestic and Sexual Violence on Women's Health: Implications for Midwifery Practice

The Role of the Midwife in Preventing Preterm Birth

The Second Victim: Supporting Providers in the Midst of an Adverse Event

The Work of Midwives in Reducing Maternal Mortality in the United States: Past and Present

Those Magic Moments: The State-of-the-Science regarding the Third Stage of Labor

Vulvovaginal Disorders of the Peri and Postmenopause

Women's Reintegration Experiences after Returning from War