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ACMM Annual Meeting Poster Contest

We were delighted to receive so many beautiful entries by talented artists for our first ever Annual Meeting Poster Contest. Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork!

Winning Entry

Artist: Abbie Kleppa, CNM, Lubbock, TX

Artist's Description of Work:
Midwifery: Collage of Quality Care
The colors of women are bold and bright.
Our shapes are both fluid and solid.
The patterns of our lives are varied and elemental.
Midwifery care blends this diversity into
a greater whole, and elevates us all as one.

This winning entry will be sold as a 13x19-inch poster in the bookstore at ACNM's 59th Annual Meeting and Exhibition for $10 each.

Proceeds will benefit the Women's Bean Project-a social enterprise based in Denver, Colorado, that employs chronically impoverished and unemployed women through a transitional job in gourmet food and handcrafted jewelry manufacturing to receive immediate income. The program also helps them earn the job readiness, interpersonal and life skills needed to overcome barriers to employment; creating a new future - for themselves, their families, and their community. (Learn more about what they do at

Honorable Mentions:

Artist: Anne-Andre Bois, Reykjavik, Iceland, with original poetry by Marie Beauchemin, CNM, Aptos, California

Artist's Description of Work:
Poem excerpted from "A Meditiation on the Sacred Journey of Birth"

"The midwife
attunes to the sound of deep knowing
her eyes see mystery
as nature reveals her beauty
her knowledge and skills
used with wisdom and restraint
her heart delights in the miracle of you

Join with her and create safe, sacred spaces
for the precious in both of you to be born."

Artist: Andrew Richard, San Diego, CA

Artist's Description of Work:
It represents a woman in"green-bean green," pregnant with a "golden bean." You may notice that her right arm is more covered that her left, and that is intentional. Traditionally, a person's right hand (and arm, by extension), represents the side they present to the world. Their left side being their hidden, personal side - their inner hopes and fears. The subject of this poster may be, thus, uncertain about her pregnancy as it may be judged by the world outside - and her longer right sleeve suggests this "covering up" of appearances. However, like most mothers, she bravely protects her precious creation with her feelings as represented by her exposed left arm. Her baby is, thus, a "golden bean," representing the hopes of the women helped by the Bean Project, which also inks this image to that of jack and the bean stalk, where the hero confronts enormous fears emerging triumphant.

Andrew's wife, Celine Richard, is a Midwife (and ACNM Member), and he says he has "always been proud of, and inspired by the role that she plays in society."