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Calling All Artists!

Pull out your paints, pencils, or camera, and help us capture the spirit of midwifery for the 2014 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado in our new ACNM POSTER CONTEST!

This contest is open to anyone - we're inviting midwives, friends, family and clients to express their creativity around this year's meeting theme of Midwives: Elevating Women's Health.

The winning entry will be used to create an 13x19-inch poster, which will be featured and sold at ACNM's 59th Annual Meeting and Exhibition. Proceeds will benefit the Women's Bean Project-a social enterprise based in Denver, Colorado, that employs chronically impoverished and unemployed women through a transitional job in gourmet food and handcrafted jewelry manufacturing to receive immediate income. The program also helps them earn the job readiness, interpersonal and life skills needed to overcome barriers to employment; creating a new future - for themselves, their families, and their community. (Learn more about what they do at

What kind of art is eligible? Any kind is welcome! Paintings, drawings, digital, photography, mixed media, collage, type treatments or a combination - any way you are inspired to create. The artist must, however be able to provide a high resolution scan, photo, or digital file of their artwork that can be reproduced at poster size*, in order to be chosen as the grand prize winner.

Do I have to incorporate some kind of type or slogan in my art, or will text be added on top of my art when it becomes a poster? No, you aren't required have any text in your art if you don't want to. Do not feel compelled to add any text to your design/artwork unless you think it works better for the art. We will be adding an "info line" of type to the poster that says something along the lines of "American College of Nurse-Midwives, 59th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 2014" and the artist's name, but we will not be superimposing this text over the artwork/design. Rather, we'll size the art so that there is a white border around it in the poster space and put the Info line above or below that art. If you have a title for your piece that you'd like to include but don't want to incorporate it as part of the art, we can put that in the info line as well.

Can I submit more than one piece of art for the contest? Yes! There is no limit on how many designs you may submit.

The winning entry will be selected by the local Denver Program Committee and will receive 50% of the Annual Meeting Poster sales (up to $500) and 5 copies of the poster. Deadline for artwork submission has been extended to March 10, 2014, and the winner will be announced March 31, 2014.

Art Submission Requirements: Art must be submitted as a digital file to [email protected] by March 10. Files must be at least 150dpi at 6x9 inches (900 x 1315 pixels) for consideration.

*NOTE: The creator of the winning design will be notified by March 12, 2014, that their artwork has been chosen. The artist must then provide high-resolution digital files that are at least 350dpi at 13x19 inches (4550 x 6650 pixels) by March 17, 2013, in order for us to be able to print the posters. In the event the artist is not able to provide high resolution files as specified, the runner-up will be chosen as the grand-prize winner.

All artwork submitted for the contest becomes the property of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and can be used for purposes of promoting the contest and the 59th Annual Meeting & Exhibition. However, no artwork will be offered for sale without permission from the artist.

Please contact Becky Feldbush at [email protected] with any questions regarding the contest and artwork sumbissions.

Download the PDF Flyer