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ACNM's 2013-2014 Federal Policy Agenda

Expand Women’s Access to Full Scope of Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM®)/Certified Midwife (CM®) Services by Championing: 

  • Reforms to Medicare and Medicaid that will guarantee CNMs/CMs equal opportunities to obtain unfettered clinical privileges as full voting members of the medical staff at hospitals. 
  • Reforms to the Medicare and Medicaid program guaranteeing CNMs/CMs who supervise and teach medical residents, medical students, and student midwives to be reimbursed for their supervisory role. 
  • Reforms to maternity care and primary care services within the Medicaid program which improve the quality and sustainability of such services for women and their newborns. 
  • Efforts to raise primary care payments to CNMs/CMs within the Medicare and Medicaid programs. 
  • Efforts to obtain recognition of CM® services under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. 
  • Recognition of CNMs/CMs within the Veterans Health Administration. 
  • Efforts to educate and inform CNMs/CMs of important health care reform developments as the Affordable Care Act continues to be implemented. 

Increase the Pool of Maternity and Primary Care Providers by Championing:

  • Support for the establishment of a maternity care shortage designation within the Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with the goal of placing CNMs/CMs in communities across the nation experiencing significant maternity care shortages.
  • Increased federal funding for midwifery educational programs. 
  • CNM®/CM® eligibility for federal loan forgiveness programs.

Support Consumer Protections and Awareness by Championing:

  • Reforms that reduce the incentives for excessive utilization of unnecessary medical interventions, and increase the incentives for utilization of measures supporting normal physiologic birth under the Medicaid program. 
  • Efforts to expand federal maternal health research and improve women’s access to information on their maternal health choices.

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