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State Issues
1.  Midwifery Bills in the News – A Round Up of Selected Articles
2.  Selected State Developments – Introduction and Progress - AR, FL, IL, ME, MD, NV, NH, NY, OH, RI, SC, UT, WV
3.  Selected State Developments – New Laws - KY, SD, VA
Federal Issues
1.  Legislation Introduced to Increase Primary Care Payments Under Medicaid
2.  National Health Service Corps to Hold Conference Call on Scholarship Application Program
3. HRSA Releases Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Fact Sheet and State-by-State Data
4.  HRSA Opens 2014 NURSE Corps Scholarship Program
State Issues
1.  Generating More Midwifery Power!!
2.  Duke Study shows Advanced Practice Nurses Offer Affordable Solution to Physician Shortage
3.  Michigan APRN Bill Receives Senate Hearing  -- With Supportive Testimony Offered by an OB-GYN! 
4.  Colorado Introduces Bill to Amend Transition to Practice Requirements
5.  Nebraska Approves Full Practice Authority Measure for NPs
6.  Other Selected State Developments – Introductions and Progress:  CO, IN, KY, ME, MD, MO, OH, SD, TX, WV
Federal Issues
1.  ACNM, ACOG, SMFM Clarify Content of Recent Consensus Statement on Levels of Maternal Care
2.  ACNM Web Page on Maternity Shortage Area Legislation Now Available
3.  Two Pieces of Federal Legislation Expand APRN Roles in Medicare and the VA
4.  National Health Service Corps Releases 2015 Application and Program Guidance for Scholarship Program
5.  Students -- You Can Get Involved in ACNM's Government Affairs Committee and Midwives-PAC
State Issues
1.  California Full Practice Authority (CNM-Only) Bill Introduced! 
2.  Pennsylvania Medical Society Video: “Opposing Independent Practice for Non-Physician Providers”
3.  Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners Withdraws Restrictive Rules Proposal
4.  South Carolina APRN Bill Media Coverage (With Poll!)
5.  A Complicated Dance -- West Virginia Introduces, Defends, and then Opposes APRN Compromise Bill
6.  Other Selected State Developments:  AK, CO, GA, MO, MT, OH, VA, WA, WV
Federal Issues
1.  Legislation to Identify Maternity Provider Shortage Areas Introduced in House and Senate
2.  Supreme Court Decision with Implications for APRN Regulation
3.  Leapfrog Group Releases Report on Hospital Maternity Care Performance in 2014.
4.  CMS Issues Final Regulation and Letter to Issuers for Health Insurance Marketplace Plans
5.  CMS to Hold March 25 Webinar on Perinatal Payment Strategies
6.  NHSC Site Application Process Open
7.  Choose ACNM's Next President:  Elections Closing this Sunday
State Issues
1.  Kansas Introduces CNM-Only Bill for Full Practice Authority
2.  Rhode Island Bill Would Grant Prescriptive Authority to Certified Midwives
3.  Tennessee Full Practice Authority Bill and Countermeasure Introduced
4.  South Carolina Full Practice Authority Bill Receives Subcommittee Hearing
5.  Multiple Provider Non-Discrimination Bills Under Consideration
6.  Other Selected State Updates
Federal Issues
1.  ACNM Submits Comments to FTC on Plan Network Adequacy
2.  ACNM Leads Joint Letter to GAO Regarding Failure to Appoint Representative of Pregnant Women to MACPAC

State Issues
1.  New RAND Study:  "The Impact of Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners and Other Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Ohio"
2.  Oregon Introduces Clinical Privileges Bill
3.  Kansas Full Practice Authority Bill Heard in Senate Committee
4.  Multiple Full Practice Authority Bills Introduced
5.  And Multiple Responses from the Medical Community to Full Practice Bills....
6.  Selected State Developments - Midwifery Bills of Possible Interest in Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana and Virginia
7.  Selected State Developments - NP Bill of Possible Interest in Arkansas
Federal Issues
1.  ACNM Joins Amicus Brief in King v. Burwell
State Issues
1.  Full Practice Authority Bill Introduced in Kansas
2.  Other State Legislative Developments
Federal Issues
1.  ACOG/SMFM Release Consensus Care Statement on Levels of Maternal Care
2.  HRSA Opens National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Application Cycle
3.  HRSA Announces Technical Assistance Calls for Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

State Issues
1.  Drum Roll, Please...... Announcing ACNM's New Legislative and Regulatory Tracking Sites!
2.  New Report on Home Birth in Utah
3.  Selected Bills of Interest
4.  NP Bills of Possible Interest
Federal Issues
1.  ACNM Federal and State Policy Agendas for 2015-2016
2.  2014 Advocacy Report Card
3.  CDC Releases 2013 Final Data on Births
4.  ACNM Submits Comments on Network Adequacy to CMS and the NAIC
5.  HRSA Opens up 2015 NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program Application Cycle

Federal Issues
1.  ACNM Submits Comments to CMS on Network Adequacy Requirements
2.  ACNM Affiliates Contacting State Insurance Commissioners Re: Provider Network Adequacy
3.  Percent of Births Attended by Midwives in Each State:  1990-2013.  What Do You Think is Going On?
State Issues
1.  It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Convening of State Legislatures!
2.  South Carolina Pre-Files Bill to Remove Physician Supervision!
3.  Other Selected Pre-Files and Introductions:  California, Kentucky, Missouri, New York
4.  New Laws in Ohio



1.  ACNM Issue Brief Summarizes Key Provisions of CY 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
2.  ACNM Issue Brief on Final Regulation Modifying Physician Certification Requirement
3.  FDA Releases Pregnancy and Lactation Labeling Rule
4.  CMS Releases Proposed Rule on Health Insurance Marketplaces
5.  ACNM Releases Updated State Fact Sheets
6.  Health Insurance Marketplaces Experiencing Strong Open Season
7.  CDC Releases 2013 Birth Data Tables
8.  Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act Sent to President Obama
9.  Don't Forget to Forward this Note to CNMs/CMs who are not ACNM Members

1.  ACNM Analysis of Election Results - The State Picture
2.  ACNM Analysis of Election Results - The National Picture
3.  Supreme Court to Hear Another Challenge to ACA
4.  Annual March of Dimes Report on Preterm Birth Helpful for Midwifery Advocacy
5.  White House Invites Providers to Participate in Call with First Lady
6.  Don't Forget to Forward this Note to CNMs/CMs who are not ACNM Members

1.  CMS Responds to ACNM Comments and Modifies Physician Certification Requirements
2.  CMS Releases Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
3.  ACNM Submits Comments to NAIC on Network Adequacy Model Act
4.  ACNM Issue Brief on "Transition to Practice" Available
5.  KFF Reports on State Plans to Continue Increased Primary Care Payments under Medicaid
6.  ACNM Invited to White House Event
7.  Don't Forget to Forward this Note to CNMs/CMs Who are not ACNM Members
1.  ACNM Submits Comments in Response to Proposed Rule on Coverage for Contraception
2.  ACNM-Led Coalition Submits Comments on The Joint Commission's Proposed Perinatal Care Certification Standards
3.  ACNM Issue Brief on Supreme Court Case:  North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners vs. FTC
4.  Medscape Publishes Rating of Insurers:  Which Ones are the Best to Work With?
5.  Open Enrollment and the Marketplace:  Significant Issues to Consider
6.  Pregnancy and Options for Coverage:  A Resource for Your Clients
7.  North Carolina Affiliate President Wins Advocacy Award
8.  So, How Do You Get Paid?  ACNM Webinar on Fee Schedule
Federal Issues
1.  ACNM Survey Looks at Marketplace Coverage for Midwifery Service
2.  ACNM Resource Helps Identify which State is the Best Place to be a Midwife
3.  National Governors Association Recommends Easing Restrictions on PAs
4.  Be Sure to Share this Update with CNMs/CMs Who are Not Yet ACNM Members
State Issues
1.  Proposed Collaborative Requirement Rules in Louisiana
2.  Change in Payments for Early Elective Delivery in Montana

1.  HHS Publishes Regulations Responding to Supreme Court Decisions Related to Coverage of Contraception
2.  CMS Accepts Comments by ACNM-Led Coalition and Incorporates them into FY 2015 Inpatient Prospective Payment System Regulation
3.  ACNM Submits Comments in Response to Proposal to Modify Physician Certification Requirement
4.  ACNM Submits Comments in Response to CY 2015 Proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
5.  NQF Maternity Action Team Releases "Playbook" to Help Hospitals Reduce Early Elective Deliver Rate
6.  DEA Publishes Regulation Modifying Scheduling for Hydrocodone Combination Products
7.  CMS Actuaries Project Growth in Health Care Spending
8.  Study Shows Hospitals Benefit from Medicaid Expansion
9.  CMS Formalizes Implementation Date for Transition to ICD-10
10.  Forward this ACNM Policy Update to CNMs/CMs who are NOT ACNM Members!

1.  CMS Proposes Significant Change to Physician Certification Requirement
2.  NQF Webinar to Announce Release of "Playbook" to Help Reduce Early Elective Deliveries
3.  Proposed Legislation Includes CNMs Among Providers to Receive Increased Medicaid Primary Care Payments
4.  ACNM Joins Amicus Brief Filed in Relation to Significant Supreme Court Case
5.  Massachusetts CNMs Gain Full Practice Authority
6.  AHRQ Publicizes Innovative Approaches to Increasing Breastfeeding
1. August is Midwifery Advocacy Month!
2. ACNM Update on Recent Supreme Court Decision Impacting Coverage of Contraception
3. Recording of Joint ACNM/CMS Webinar on Efforts to Improve Maternal/Infant Health Now Available
4. ACNM's State Government Affairs Team to Expand

  • July 24, 2014
  • 1. ACNM and CMS to Hold Webinar on Outcome of Maternal/Child Health Expert Panel
    2. CMS Publishes Proposed CY 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
    3. EEOC Issues Updated Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination
    4. AHRQ Issues Evidence Report on Antidepressant Treatment During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period

  • June 30, 2014
1. ACNM-Led Coalition Submits Comments on Proposed FY 2015 IPPS Regulation
2. Supreme Court Rules on Case Involving Requirement that Employer Plans Cover Contraception
3. Veterans Administration Responds to ACNM letter
4. HRSA Revises Health Professionals Shortage Areas
5. Recording of ACNM/NWLC Webinar on Breastfeeding and Contraception Coverage Now Available

1. ACNM Submits Comments on Provider Non-Discrimination
2. ACNM and National Women's Law Center to Host Webinar on Contraceptive and Breastfeeding Coverage Under the ACA
3. Does Medicaid Reimburse Your for Vaccinations for Pregnant Women?
4. FDA Finalizes Regulation Implementing Good Manufacturing Practices for Infant Formula Manufacturers

1. CMS Releases FY 2015 Inpatient Prospective Payment System Proposed Regulation
2. CMS Releases New Payment Methodology for Federally Qualified Health Centers
3. CMS Releases Revisions to Regulations to Reduce Complexity and Burden
4. CMS Releases Final Regulation on Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

  • May 23, 2014
  • 1. Congratulations to Minnesota! APRN Bill Signed Into Law!
    2. Selected State Policy Developments from Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina

  • April 28, 2014
1. How has the Physician Certification Requirement Affected You?
2. Having Fun with GAC and PAC
3. HRSA Announces Funding Opportunity for Project to Improve Maternal Health and Safety

1. ACNM Submits Comments to Federal Trade Commission Regarding Competition in Health Care
2. Celebrating a Momentous Step in North Carolina
3. Selected State Legislative Developments from Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island

1. AHA Suit against CMS Includes Complaint about Physician Certification
2. FTC Report Sparks Questinos about Likelihood of Antitrust Action
3. National Health Service Corps Opens Application for Site Approvals
4. NQF Maternity Action Team to Host Public Webinar on Reducing Early Elective Deliveries
1. ACNM Clarifies Position on Licensure and Regulation of Midwives
2. Support Legislation Designating Maternity Shortage Areas!
3. Open Enrollment is Over -- But Special Enrollment Periods Still Apply to Many
4. Update on Kansas APRN Independent Practice Bill
5. Selected State Legislative Developments from South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia

1. Providers May be Left Unpaid if Marketplace Enrollees Don't Pay Premiums
2. CMS to Release Provider Payment Data
3. Update on North Carolina's Efforts for Practice Autonomy
4. South Carolina Battles to Protect Birth Centers
5. Selected State Legislative Developments from Iowa, Missouri, West Virginia

1. CQMC Submits Comments on Joint Commission Perinatal Care Certification Program
2. Selected State Legislative Developments from Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, Washington

1. CMS Releases Final 2014 Letter to Issuers and Request for Information Regarding Provider Non-Discrimination
2. Selected State Legislative Developments from Hawaii, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia

1. FTC Issues Policy Paper Endorsing APRN Independence
2. Supreme Court to Hear Precedent-Setting Case with Implications for Midwifery Advocacy
3. Oral Arguments in Hobby Lobby Case to Begin Soon
4. New Tool from the Guttmacher Institute

1. ACNM Submits Comments on Marketplace "Letter to Issuers"
2. Help Needed to Survey Health Plans Regarding Coverage of Midwifery Services

1. Notable State Developments, Kentucky, Hawaii, Ohio, Florida
2. Other State Developments, Colordo, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia

1. ACNM Advocacy on VHA Yields Results
2. CMS Provides Guidance on Enrollment Policies Allowing Changes of Coverage
3. Joint Commission Releases Proposed Perinatal Care Certification Program
4. Kaiser Family Foundation Webinar on Women's Health Under the ACA

1. Recent State Legislative Developments, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota
2. Maryland Proposed Rule Eliminates Requirement for Collaborative Plan
3. State Legislative and Regulatory Tracking System
4. Lab Regulations to Require Direct Patient Access to Test Results

1. ACNM and Other Nursing Groups Send Letter to CMS Regarding Requirement for Physician Certification
2. Physician Documentation of Face-to-Face Meeting Prior to DME Order - Does it Apply to Midwives?

1. HHS Secretary Sebelius and HRSA Administrator Wakefield to Hold Conference Call with Nursing Community
2. ACNM Coalition Submits Comments on Proposed Plan Quality Rating System

1. CMS to Hold 1/16 Conference Call for Healthcare Providers
2. HRSA to Hold Call on Nurse Loan Repayment

1. ACNM Led Coalition Submits Recommendations on Maternity Care to MACPAC
2. Incidet-To Billing and the 2014 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

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