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During National Midwifery Week 2012, Women Refuse to Settle for Status Quo Care

Midwives ask women to expect more from their care and discover their options through a new, interactive awareness initiative

For Immediate Release:
October 8, 2012

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Silver Spring, MD—For National Midwifery Week, October 7 – 13, the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) is encouraging women to go beyond the status quo and expect more out of their health care. Through a new public awareness initiative, Our Moment of Truth™: A New Understanding of Midwifery Care, women and midwives are joining forces to challenge women to fill the gap between what they want and what they are getting from interactions with their women’s health care providers.

An August 2012 survey found that although 85% of women are at least somewhat satisfied with their women’s health care, most are not getting many of the services they want. And even though collaboration between the client and provider is recommended to help ensure best outcomes, the 2012 survey found that many women are not having important conversations with their health care providers.

“Women are settling for health care that is not what they are looking for because they either don’t know they have a choice or don’t fully understand the issues facing them,” said ACNM President Dr. Holly Powell Kennedy, a professor of midwifery at the Yale University School of Nursing. “The good news is that midwives can give women the attentive care they say they want.”

Whether women are looking for more face time with their provider or someone who will be by their side during pivotal life events, many midwives are poised to provide this type of one-on-one care. That’s why more and more women are turning to midwives for both women’s health and maternity care. In fact, the percentage of midwife-attended births in the United States reached an all-time high of 8.4% in 2010. Our Moment of Truth™ is committed to overturning persistent myths about today’s midwifery profession so that even more women are aware of and can consider this health care option, which will oftentimes fill the needs they want but are currently missing in their care.

“Who you choose to see for your women’s health care has a significant impact on your health. There is too much at stake to just go where you have always gone,” said Dr. Kennedy. “The services and information you receive, your ability to be involved in decisions, and the experts your health care provider works with all have an influence on the quality of care you receive.”

For National Midwifery Week 2012, ACNM challenges women to take charge of their health by participating in one simple action every day of the week to help find the provider that’s right for her. Our Moment of Truth™ also provides a number of interactive resources to help women evaluate what they want out of their health care experience and identify a health care provider who can meet their needs. Tools include the Your Health Promise pledge, an online provider match quiz, sample questions to ask potential providers, and a place to share and read women’s stories about their own health care experience. Visit to learn more about how the high-quality care of a midwife can meet many of the desires women are looking for in their care.


About Our Moment of Truth™: A New Understanding of Midwifery Care

Our Moment of Truth™: A New Understanding of Midwifery Care presents midwifery as a solution for many women who are looking for more out of their care. Recognizing that many women are not receiving the care they desire, Our Moment of Truth™ challenges women to take a moment to examine the type of health care they are receiving, evaluate what they want from their health care experience, and become aware of their full range of options. Our Moment of Truth™ offers women the information and tools they need to ask the right questions of their provider and have an important dialogue on critical health issues before moving forward with a care plan. Explore the new Our Moment of Truth™ tools and resources for finding desired health care at

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