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Trainings & Workshops

Current Trainings & Workshops

The following workshops will be offered at the Midwifery Works! 2015.

Title: Maximizing Educational Quality through the ACME Criteria

When: Thursday, November 5, 2015

Presenters: Peter Johnson, Gretchen Mettler, and Heather Maurer

Cost: $250 CEUs: .55

This intensive workshop is the first of its kind offered by ACME. Often midwifery program directors and other faculty have not had training and experience needed in preparing for the accreditation process, which has become more complex in recent years. This workshop is designed to provide up to date information on writing the Self-Evaluation Report (SER), Annual Monitoring Report (AMR), and preparing for a site visit. Attendees will participate in activities designed to prepare for a successful accreditation process. Information presented will also be relevant for those planning to start a new midwifery education program and prepare for the pre-accreditation process.

How to Register: You can register for these workshops when you register for Midwifery Works!

If you have already registered to attend the Midwifery Works!, you can register for our workshop by accessing your registration confirmation e-mail. Your confirmation e-mail includes a hyperlink that will direct you to your registration statement, where you can view your registration summary and “Add Workshops/Tickets” to your record.

Please contact Heather Maurer at [email protected], or Jaime Sampson at [email protected], if you have any questions about our workshop. We look forward to seeing you!

Past Trainings & Workshops

The following are links to past trainings and workshops ACME has held. 

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