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Certification, Licensure, and Maintenance - Oh My!

By Stephanie Tillman, CNM, MSN Whether you are on cloud 9 after receiving an offer from an employer, or still hunting for the perfect employment, getting a head start on all of the necessary licensure is a vital part of the process. I didnít have quite all the information I needed when I started, and subsequently did not know I was missing my DEA until a pharmacist called me to deny a prescription. Lesson learned, and love passed on to y'all! Let's make sure you have the full list. Certif...

Posted By Barbra Elenbaas | 4/25/2013 11:12:56 AM

ACNM 58th Annual Meeting & Exhibition: A Rare Opportunity for Real-Life Connection

By Letitia Sullivan, CNM, Chair, ACNM National Program Committee In todayís age of social media, online education, and electronic health records, opportunities for connecting in real life are becoming few and far between. For those of us craving in-person professional support, the ACNM 58th Annual Meeting & Exhibition is the annual event specifically designed to connect the high-touch profession of midwifery. If you havenít been to an ACNM Annual Meeting recently, I invite you to rediscover ...

Posted By Barbra Elenbaas | 4/19/2013 1:52:07 PM

At the Table: an insiderís perspective on advocacy at ACNM

By Melanie Furrer, SNM, BSN, RN, ACNM Government Relations Intern Letís start out with a little introduction. Iím Melanie: RN first, and graduate student second. Iím at Johns Hopkins University pursuing my masterís in public health nursing and nurse-midwifery. In three semesters, one month and 5 days (but whoís counting?) I and my diploma will be ready to sit the boards to become a CNM! Though my final goal seems far away as I suffocate under hundreds of pages of reading in my 50lb pathoph...

Posted By Barbra Elenbaas | 4/17/2013 5:01:21 PM

Midwives: Flexibility for any position

by Stephanie Tillman, CNM, MS Student loan grace periods creeping to an end? Monthly bills piled high from school? Ready to start working and willing to be flexible? There are midwifery jobs, and then there are jobs for a midwife. Flexibility is key in this tough economy, but this can also be viewed through a different lens: the more roles midwives hold, the more our work is advertised! Midwives are incredibly skilled. We work in public health, research, academia, policy, advocacy, and...

Posted By Barbra Elenbaas | 4/11/2013 2:55:18 PM



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