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2017 Candidate for Nominating Committee - Venay M. Uecke, CNM, MSN

Venay M. Uecke, CNM, MSN
Present Position: Full-scope practicing midwife, Gallup Indian Medical Center
Location: Gallup, New Mexico
ACNM Activities:
2016: Vice Chair, Friends of Midwives of Color Committee
2015-present: Member, Membership & Marketing Committee
2014-present: Secretary, Friends of Midwives of Color Committee & Ethnic Diversity Caucus
2014: IHS ACNM Affiliate Member
2014: New Mexico ACNM Affiliate Member
2013-present: Member, Business Section of DOSP

Candidate Statement Related to Office:

The major challenge to midwifery practice I have observed relates to finances.  Midwifery school was expensive and the initial starting salary out of school was very low.  In fact it was less than what I made as a full-time RN.  I used this to my advantage to learn about billing, coding, and productivity. I was able to use this knowledge to negotiate a stronger salary.  I became more involved with the financial aspects of midwifery practice.  I would suggest that all midwives involve themselves in the business aspect of practice.  ACNM has several ways to accomplish this.  In order to enhance the financial rewards of midwifery, ACNM needs to ensure that all midwives are financially savvy.  We can continue to make our organization stronger by volunteering time to each other (through ACNM) to make our meeting experiences more meaningful and to share knowledge and resources whenever possible.

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