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Ron Fancher, CNM, FNP-C

Candidate for Region III Representative

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Question: What challenges to midwifery practice have you observed/experienced either nationally or in your region and what solutions would you suggest or implement to eliminate that challenge to midwifery practice?

Answer: I have had the distinct pleasure of practicing midwifery in many areas of the United States and the world. The thing that strikes me is that despite midwiferys incredible safety record and evidence-based approach in this country, we still have pockets of resistance or, in a few cases, outright obstruction from some of our physician colleagues. ACNM has done an amazing job with marketing and education over the years but these pockets remain. I am even more surprised when this resistance comes from the newer generation of physicians. Many OBGYN residencies now have CNMs and CMs as either faculty or laborists in their programs; most new OBGYNs have at the very least been exposed to our practice.

Overcoming interprofessional issues are difficult. I think we have to capitalize on the fact that most of our physician partners are not only not opposed to working with midwives, but seek us out and embrace a partnership. Many of these physician colleagues are champions of our practice and could be used to help break down the remaining barriers we face. I would propose continued collaborative efforts with these physician champions to meet face to face with physicians in the areas with the highest resistance. We will never be able to win everyone over but when these individuals are isolated in their views they hold little power to affect our practice.

Candidate Interview with ACNM Student Representative

Tell us in 1-2 sentences why you want to serve on the board.

Having served in the U.S. Navy since the age of 17, service is just part of my personality. I want to have the opportunity to give back to a profession that has provided me with such joy over the past several years and can think of no better way than to serve on the board.

Why do you think you are a good fit for the role of Region Representative?

Because of my extensive leadership background and my current position as the Director or Branch Health Clinics which encompasses 10 clinics spread across 5 states coupled with my experience serving on the Certificate Maintenance Committee of the American Midwifery Certification Board for the past six years I am very familiar with the challenges ACNM currently faces and ways to face those challenges head on to find solutions.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I have always described my leadership style as “Leading by Example”. I never expect anyone to do something that I am not only willing to do but also cable of doing myself. I think it is very important for leaders to understand where the individuals they are leading come from and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

What do you consider the greatest priority in your region, and how would you specifically engage with your region if elected?

The most important challenge our Region faces is the barriers that remain in place in several of our states and facilities that prevent us from providing the superb care that we have been trained for and do so passionately. The way to overcome this challenge is to leverage our many very supportive physician counterparts to demonstrate to the few remaining physicians and politicians what we are truly cable of and the important care they are preventing us from providing.

What do you see as ACNM’s greatest current challenge? What strategies would you advocate for ACNM to address this challenge?

The biggest challenge is a financial one. The ACNM is fiscally restrained from reaching it’s full potential in representing our profession and this challenge can only be overcome with increasing our membership. I know many methods have been used to try to increase the number of Midwives who join and regularly pay membership fees to ACNM but we have to continue to demonstrate the numerous advantages that membership brings to convince our fellow midwives to join our ranks.

How do you envision this position on the Board enhancing your own skills?

As I begin to transition more and more into the Healthcare Executive role, I feel that the experience and interpersonal skills that I would gain in this position will be invaluable and continue to build on the foundations that I have built thus far. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and networking with my colleagues from around the country and world and this is the perfect way to continue to build on those relationship building skills.

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