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Elisa Patterson, CNM

Elisa PattersonCandidate for Region VI Representative

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Question: What are the top priorities for ACNM? Explain why these are the top priorities and how you anticipate addressing them within the prospective position you are seeking with ACNM.

Answer: My top priority for ACNM is to provide resources for the membership in the form of research and communication tools. This will enable members to enhance their focus on evidence-based quality care for maternity and other women’s services. Such resources will promote the foundation necessary for midwives and their clients to reach out to state and federal policymakers emphasizing the benefits of midwife-led care.

The second priority is to increase ACNM’s visibility among state and federal policymakers, other healthcare providers, and insurance panels. ACNM should reach more systems of healthcare to inform them of the value of midwife-led care. In turn, this would allow more women the opportunity to seek that care. Sponsoring midwives for key board positions and encouraging participation in inter-organizational coalitions and collaboratives is another focus of this priority.

Our Moment of Truth, ACNM’s consumer education campaign, should be continued, emphasizing that midwives make a difference. Increasing this market strategy by using more social media will empower more women to seek midwife-led care, thus promoting a stronger member base.

My third priority is related to educating and precepting new midwives. In an environment that focuses heavily on big data, we must establish a national preceptor data base. By providing this information in one place, students and their faculty will have an efficient mechanism for clinical placements which matches the students’ interests and assists them in broadening their educational experience. This will support ACNM’s strategic goal of educating 1000 new midwives by the year 2015.

With my varied clinical practice, broad educational experiences, and the exposure to health policy I received during my PhD program (supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), I am the right person to help lead the board and general membership during this period of healthcare reform. ACNM needs to emphasize comprehensive healthcare reform that creates more opportunities for midwives – reform that improves access for quality maternity and primary care at an affordable rate while enhancing the visibility of midwives in the US.

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