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Megan Arbour, CNM, PhD

Candidate for Region IV Representative

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Question: What are the top priorities for ACNM? Explain why these are the top priorities and how you anticipate addressing them within the prospective position you are seeking with ACNM.

Answer: As many in our nation contentiously debate health care reform, we in ACNM, with strong leaders and a talented membership, are using warm hands, caring hearts, and insightful minds to implement change to improve the care of women.

With priorities to:

1. Increase number and diversity of membership;

2. Promote physiologic birth; and

3. Provide access to a midwife for every woman,

ACNM is not only poised for health care reform, we are part of the solution to health care reform.

As current ACNM members, educators, and preceptors, we are called to instill a sense of professional responsibility for involvement in ACNM. To increase membership we must actively persuade our students and fellow midwives to join. To increase diversity among midwives and ACNM members, we must encourage and support minority students in midwifery programs. Only with more and diverse members can we meet the health care needs and demands of the changing national health care climate and of all women.

For those uncomfortable with physiologic birth, ACNM seeks to empower women, providers, and facilities through education and sound research. For those with misperceptions about midwifery, ACNM recently launched the Our Moment of Truth consumer education campaign, capitalizing on the unity and strength of our membership. Creatively through social media we are educating the public about midwifery. This benefits our profession, our providers, and most importantly our patients.

As midwives, we use our hands to bring life into the world, our hearts to comfort women and families, and our minds to implement best practices. I am proud to be a midwifery educator who uses my hands, heart, and mind to educate, challenge, and nurture student midwives. I touch the lives of women across the country through my studentsí hands. As a midwifery educator and author, I have purpose-filled interactions with students, midwives, preceptors, and other professionals across the country. I am in a position to address ACNMís top priorities through direct interactions, online communication, phone conversations, journal articles, social media, and most importantly through my personal commitment to the priorities and values of ACNM. As Region IV Representative, I will provide resources, solve problems, answer questions, offer encouragement, and work tirelessly so that together we can grow our ACNM team and achieve our goals for the organization, our patients, and our nation.

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