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Deborah Kaiser, CNM, RN-C

Deborah Kaiser photoCandidate for Region VII Representative

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Question: What are the top priorities for ACNM? Explain why these are the top priorities and how you anticipate addressing them within the prospective position you are seeking with ACNM.

Answer: I am Major Deborah Kaiser, a certified nurse-midwife in the United States Army, and I would like to be your next Region VII Representative. I recently served as the Student Representative on the Board of Directors in 2011-2012, which gave me the desire to do more for the College. My 15 years in the military have provided me with the leadership skills necessary to effectively handle this position. I will be proud to serve the College as I continue to serve in the United States Army.

I see two 2 priorities for ACNM during the next few years. The first is increasing the awareness of midwives to the general public, and spreading the idea that women have a choice in their healthcare decisions. One of my goals is to organize and conduct local health fairs to increase community awareness of how midwives can help individuals reach their health care goals. I also personally promote midwifery in multiple ways during my everyday life, whether Iím wearing a midwife t-shirt while running national races, or carrying my reusable ACNM grocery bags to the grocery store, or putting a personalized midwife license plate on my car. As a midwife, I am constantly dismayed by the knowledge gaps and extensive misconceptions I encounter in my own community regarding midwifery. If each of us promotes midwifery in our daily life, we allow for and open up dialogue. We create chances for conversations that can help us disseminate relevant facts about midwifery to the general public.

The second priority is to grow future midwives so that women can continue to have a choice in their healthcare. I believe that exposing nurses to the possibility of becoming a midwife during their BSN programs will have a positive effect on the number of students enrolling into midwifery programs across the nation. Current midwives who visit nursing programs in their local area can bring the profession to the forefront. Increasing the number of positive examples of midwifery in our communities will increase the number of students who enroll in our education programs. ACNM must also call more preceptors to action so that these programs can take more students into the classroom. This will help ACNM reach its goal of 1000 newly certified CNM/CMs per year by 2015.

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