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Michael McCann, CNM, MS

Candidate for Region III Representative

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Question: What strategies would you suggest for increasing the influence of ACNM, and how would you support them?

Answer: As I have gotten to better understand the inner workings of the ACNM organization, I am struck by how much energy the national office staff already exerts to put a "face" on our profession at all the multiple federal hearings and meetings with the stakeholders in the maternal-child arena. That being said, there is always room to regroup and reassess the different directions. My first suggestion is to weigh all the varied meetings and reprioritize our energy, as we are a small group.

The next area of attack has to do with how the regional representatives are connecting with and supporting their individual ACNM leaders, Again, with relatively small numbers and even smaller financial reserves, the affiliate leaders must figure out how to best maximize their political clout with their nursing colleagues, midwife and physician groups, and other allies in their state legislatures. We know that our profession is regulated at the state level and so the representatives have to be available to help the states engage at whatever level is necessary. This of course will vary from state to state and even region to region as the mission of educating all consumers and politicians about our profession is never-ending.

Finally, I am optimistic that our branding campaign is going to put us on the map, so to speak, and get consumers to request our services more. As this effort unfolds, I will do anything I can do as a board member to maximize our "footprint" in the various media outlets that have been presented as part of our PR company's efforts to grow our influence throughout the country. I hope we will need a lot more midwives.

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