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Annie Gibeau, CNM, PhD

Candidate for Region II Representative

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Question: What strategies would you suggest for increasing the influence of ACNM, and how would you support them?

Answer: Historically, in order to increase and maintain its influence, ACNM has successfully developed and implemented a diverse range of strategies. These strategies include initiatives, for example, that address specific clinical issues in midwifery practice, maintain a national voice informing women's health and maternal-newborn health care issues, and attempt to unpack complicate policy issues significant to the whole of American midwifery.

Increasing the influence of ACNM in the immediate future will be accomplished by supporting the growth and development of the ACNM affiliate organizations. These individual organizations require guidance as they develop and refine the process of organizational "branding." What increases the influence of ACNM is this attention to identity formation of the affiliate organizations. The diverse strategies utilized by the College nationally can be recalibrated to meet affiliate needs, thus building on existing strengths and bringing the national local. Each affiliate defines itself based on input from member chapters and feeds back to the national organization. These multiple state realities contribute to the coalescence of a redefined, restructured College. The College in turn is better able to interpret the national picture and plan for effective action utilizing its armature of effective, time-tested strategies.

Additionally, over time, the College will increase influence as affiliates take on functions currently addressed by the national office. For example, clinical issues may at times be best addressed from the local and/or regional standpoint by an affiliate, or a group of regional affiliates. State legislative agendas will be identified and enacted upon by an affiliate, and dovetail with national legislative agendas. The influence of ACNM in the immediate future is potentiated by supporting the growth and development of ACNM affiliate organizations - multiple elements aligned together for a robust, re-branded midwifery reality.

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