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Angelita Nixon, CNM, MSN

Angelita NixonCandidate for Nominating Committee
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Angelita (Angy) Nixon, CNM, MSN, has practiced full-scope midwifery in hospitals, clinics, and a freestanding birth center. Nixon became a small business owner in 2003, providing full-scope midwifery services in her home office in addition to making house calls. Active in the leadership of several nursing and midwifery professional organizations at the state and national levels, Nixon maintains a clinical practice while working with the West Virginia Perinatal Partners to build collaborative networks and engage in public policy work. Nixon works with students from multiple disciplines and midwives, promoting unity, inclusivity, and appreciating diversity within midwifery. In June 2011, she attended her first ICM Congress in Durban, South Africa.

Question: What is the role of ACNM leadership in implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Institute of Medicine (IOM) report,The Future of Nursing?

Answer:  Buoyed by national policy and recommendations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the IOM report The Future of Nursing, midwives (particularly CNMs) are extremely well-positioned. The immediate future of US midwifery is so bright because health care industry leaders have recognized that midwives are the solution to so many of our maternity system problems. Midwives understand that society reaps considerable health benefits as well as savings through judicious use of health care resources. Having recently witnessed the global midwifery movement during the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) congress in Durban, I have been inspired to see that midwives are recognized worldwide for leadership in health care—that is, in direct patient care as well as in strategic planning. During this era of reform, we must seize our opportunity to build the models for midwife-led care in the US. Although we lack the sheer numbers of midwives in the US now to meet the potential demand at this moment, I am determined to develop our workforce.

The role of ACNM leadership in implementing reform is to spot opportunities for midwifery to shine as they arise. We need leaders with an impeccable sense of timing. We need leaders who think and act strategically. We need leaders who understand entrepreneurship. We need leaders who engage in midwife-friendly policymaking. We need leaders who can better leverage the CM credential. We need leaders who appreciate the diversity within midwifery, building bridges and organizing with solidarity. We need leaders who motivate consumers to be our key messengers. We need leaders who have tried and failed, then tried again. We need leaders with talent as well as skill. We need leaders who can recruit and mentor the next generation of talent and skill. We need leaders with courage, as it is often dangerous to have the solution when the established authorities have it wrong. We need leaders who unflinchingly promote midwifery as the gold standard.

The challenge for the Nominating Committee is to find and recruit these leaders, a full slate of good candidates for the membership to elect, and to scout for their successors. My contribution is a growing network of advisors, associates, and mentors, plus a vision for leadership of that caliber. We must discover, recognize, and reveal that potential among us. We must find that spark!


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